Hello Rice: SD-808 MP3 Speaker with FM Radio and USB Host

I was simultaneously tired of sitting at work insilence and wanted something sort of. And in the end I decided: there were two autonomous speakers - one of these Hi-Rice SD-808, and the second - Kaidaer KD-MN01, which is often called Music Angel.
When I received it, I realized that Music Angel, on which I had placed my main hopes, ordered in vain, and the SD-808, on the contrary, turned out to be a very pleasant thing.

Therefore, then everything is about him.

In this miniature speaker with built-in non-replaceable battery there is:
1) MP3 / WAV player
2) FM radio
3) Line input for connecting any audio sources
4) microSD slot
5) USB connector for flash drives
6) Headphone output
Now I am reading the list and I think that if the Chinese had nanocoffee makers, they would have put it there. And so - what is not, that is not.
First, the sound. So, for such a thing, it is surprisingly clean and balanced. This is not for fans of boom-boom-boom, but will appeal to those who appreciate unobtrusive background music when you can just sit and listen. In general, do not be nervous about the fact that here it is deaf, here it is rattling.
Observation: as the speaker looks up here, the high part goes to the ceiling. If you put the speaker on its side, they become more pronounced and the sound comes to life. But even if you do not change the position of the speaker, everything is perfectly audible.
Equalizer is not here, so what is the outputdirectly depends on what is at the entrance. For me, for example, it is surprising that in compositions with pronounced bass, the SD-808 trembles noticeably in her hands. At the hearing, this, of course, is also noticeable.
The sound, I repeat, for such a crumb, is verygood And compared to the mentioned Music Angel - just fantastic. Because the angel is really deaf. Yes, the mids somehow sound, but I don't want to listen.
Loudness is more than enough for the backgroundmusical accompaniment in a regular room (20 - 25 sq. m.). At maximum volume, my tracks can be listened to quite well, the sound becomes coarser, but the distortion is normal. And, of course, these distortions depend on the quality and style of the original. In general, I am very pleasantly surprised by the capabilities of the column.

Now back to the more prosaic things -to the design. Everything is simple here: an elegant oval profile, the upper part in metallic tone (mine is silver) is very similar to aluminum. Top black speaker grille with chrome trim.
In front, under the logo buttons. They are pretty tough and from left to right do the following: track / rewind - operation mode - play / pause - track / forward.

Operating modes: radio, line input, microSD / USB (automatic selection).
The dark part at the base is tinted plastic, and behind it is the LED indicator for operating modes, playback time and radio frequency.

Left mini-USB connector for charging and line-in

Right - analog volume control

Behind - output to headphones, microSD slot, USB host, and mechanical power switch (not very convenient, but what to do)

Package includes: speaker, mini-USB universal cable for charging and connecting to analog signal sources via a 3.5mm jack.

The radio works in the normal FM band (87- 108 MHz), as an antenna uses its own universal mini-USB cable. In theory, probably, it is possible without it, but only if you listen to powerful stations, otherwise - interference.
In general, I really like the receiver. First of all, what works where I need (outside the city) and without interference. The sound is pleasant, in short, sheer pleasure.
Displeasure is that there is no memory forstations, therefore, search / switch only by sequential pressing the “rewind” buttons. A short press changes the frequency, a long press switches on the automatic search to the nearest station.
Actually, I'm already used to this: the Sony Ericsson MW600 headset has taught me. Although, if we talk about it, I was surprised that the SE did so carelessly receiver.
MP3 player. Honestly, I was not particularly keen on them, because I mainly planned to listen to the radio or music from the phone / tablet through the speaker line-in.

Therefore, general observations. First of all, you can stick everything into the player right away - both a memory card and a USB stick. Now in the column 8 GB microSD and 16 GB flash drive.
Choose between them, however, is impossible. Column consistently plays all over again from one source, then switches to another. The priority seems to be considered USB.
Able to play MP3 and WAV. And about WMA does not know anything. Reproduces everything, it seems, in alphabetical order, understands the catalogs, but does not allow to choose a specific one. Catalogs also seem to scan in alphabetical order. Playback is turned on automatically, just insert the USB flash drive.
When changing tracks, briefly shows the number in order, as she numbered them. With a long press on the button to change the track rewind included.
When you turn off or switch the mode, it remembers the last track, but not the place to stop playback. So the next time you turn on the track, we listen to it from the beginning.
Playback mode, it seems, only one - allcontract. I will not say more precisely, because the instruction has already been thrown out, and all attempts to find other modes ended with my complete failure: it does not work, and that's it.
With microSD it plays perfectly, but with USB in pauses andOn silent places any background parasitic sounds are audible. Whether something is wrong, or something is wrong with the MP3 decoder, I don’t know, but personally, as it turned out, it doesn’t bother me.
Line input works as expected. If you pause (or disconnect from the source altogether), and put the speaker on your ear, you hear a slight background noise. Well, everything is clear: no one promised hi-fi, the amplifier is simple and all that.
But, again, it is subjective: it does not affect the music, taking into account the purpose of the speaker, everything is okay.
The only noticeable minus of the linearThe input is that it seems to have non-standard resistance. And this is critical if your signal source distinguishes the connection of headphones / speakers on this principle. For example, my phone continues to play when the speaker is connected. So they sing a duet.
On the other hand, perhaps this is the problem of my phone.
But the headphone output works as expected: the speaker sound is turned off immediately after connecting the headphones.
Finally, battery life. Almost a whole working day works at my volume below average, or rather did not measure it. The time during which the battery is charged is completely unknown: the external power indicator is on all the time while it is connected, there are no other charge indicators.
On the other hand, the speaker does not turn off with external power supply, so there are no problems at all at home or at work. But these my "several" hours will be enough for a small picnic, if that.
And finally, the last. Despite the fact that there is a mini-USB on the one hand, and microSD / USB - on the other, this thing does not work either as a USB column or as a card reader.
Some more cards:

ps. Sorry for the puppy's delight, but I'm really happy with this purchase. I don’t draw anyone by the hand: maybe I’ve got a good copy, and maybe the other way around with Music Angel was not lucky.