zebra bikini - perky teen swimsuit

Hello! I bring to your attention a small review of a very cute teen swimsuit, with whom you are 100% satisfied. I bought it for a stock for 6.6 USD, but I would have bought it for 11 USD as it is now ...
Details below.
Eh, I write this review while on vacation in the gloriousSochi city! His girlfriend (his wife and daughter) sent a walk, and he himself at the computer, good in a Wi-Fi boarding house free. Then I will review the review and remember the glorious vacation time ... Well, okay, enough of the lyrics

This swimsuit was ordered back in May, so that it was ripe for a vacation, it happened. The parcel came in the form of a regular package.Inside, in another package, the hero of the review itself:What is there to write about him? The material is nice, the colors are good. It is made with high quality, the threads do not stick anywhere. For a week of use (the sea, the pool, the sun), the thingies were a little discolored, which in no way upset. In general, see for yourself:Here is a guide for the size of a 13-year-old daughter (she is in the photo):
chest girth - 67 cm
waist - 55 cm
hips - 75 cm
height - 150 cm
From the unusual: on the pope there is a vertical line with a rubber band. What does this look like? I ask the answer to find on the photo from the store page, because I will not upload photos of this place for ethical reasons.
As a conclusion, I can say that this is the mostnice and beautiful swimsuit, which was his daughter. Mom probably know that at this age to pick something worthwhile is very hard, but this is what you need! I recommend to buy definitely !!!