Women's zipper wallet

Good day!
Today, a review of a nice female wallet with a zipper.
Who cares, please under cut.
Package with wallet delivered after 3 weeksafter ordering. Regular mail package, inside of which was a wallet in a non-woven bag. The seller has a choice of 5 colors of this wallet Black, Gold, Lavender, Red, RedWine. My copy of the color is RedWine.

The wallet is not small, its dimensions are 19.5x10x2cm.
The material from which it is made - PU embossed under the skin of a crocodile. The highlight of this wallet is a 3d image of the silhouette of a crocodile on the face of the wallet.

Wallet opens and closes withmetal zipper golden color. The zipper looks like a good quality, the slider goes smoothly, the keychain is quite massive, its length is 3.8 cm.

A removable hand strap also goes to the wallet, which is fastened to the wallet with a carbine.

Inside the wallet there are 3 compartments for banknotes, 2 compartments on the sides of the wallet, a trivia compartment on the snake and 8 card pockets.

Below is a photo of a filled wallet.

The wallet is quite roomy and comfortable inusing. From such a wallet it is convenient to both get and put money into it. Also, if necessary, you can put your phone, passport or right, they fit there.

The purse was taken to change exactly the samelost wallet, which served faithfully for 2 years, with almost no change in its appearance. I hope that this copy will serve as much, well, or longer.
The current price on the website is $ 8.75, the price in the mobile application is $ 7.68, and in the mobile application you can exchange mobile bonuses (coins) for a coupon of $ 2, as I did in my time (I took over $ 5.86).