Women's wallet

To begin with, I did not initially order this package.
Sent apparently by mistake! For that matter, I'll do a review.
In the package found a women's wallet, pinkcolors that look like a cosmetic bag, there is one button in the wallet that serves to open this product. Especially does not smell, smells like a fresh rubber product.

The first impression that this is a business card holder with a department for small change, looked through the day and decided to write a review. It turned out a good thing!
I think the female individuals will not pass by)

It turned out that you can even make money)

Several thousand 100 ruble notes fit exactly.
From the side of the business cards, the money is hardly absorbed, but if you use it, then it is normal, in extreme cases, with a big wad, or to hide for a rainy day

Petty rubles 30-35 rubles.

Opens / closes effortlessly.

While thinking to give friends for the new year.
I ordered - I paid for it, I received a confirmation, a tracking number.
I am following the package, I left Moscow, I think 4 days and I have ...
But it was not there! The parcel went to Zlatoust. A week later, a package arrived with a different tracking number and this wallet was in it. Man of Zlatoust, return my wallet :))) A good reason to commit a marriage with a girl, unless of course the girl ordered the package)))
By the way the wallet that I ordered! aliexpress.com/snapshot/103496473.html
The wallet is what I need, t.I am a driver and, to simplify communication with the police, I decided to order this wallet. There is a department for rights, documents, certificates, TO coupon. The department is easily removed and given to the inspector, IMHO is very convenient. There have been repeated cases when, because of my wallet, I detained DPS inspectors, for which they made comments to me.
We are waiting for the comments of the girls in this topic!