Women's backpack

A small tip on a small everyday women's backpack.
It was bought for $ 11, now it can be cheaper for anyone.
Main material: Oxford
Lining Material: Polyester
Capacity: 20-35 L
There is a choice of colors: black, gray, red.
The size of the backpack is small, in fact it is an urban one - a replacement for the usual women's handbag, for carrying all the necessary things. Dimensions clearly:

The material is waterproof, so that the rain to the backpack is not terrible. Looks pretty decent. Dust sticks a little, it can be seen in the photo, but it is imperceptible to live

The seller gives all the gifts in the form of trinkets. However, our specimen had a foot gnawed

A pair of side pockets for quick access. Left and right - separate, not common

Inside on both sides of the pocket, without fanaticism.

Behind the strap and pocket

A pair of "dogs" standard size

Many in the reviews write about what they expectedcapacity is greater, but it is strange - it’s not marching, for the city just right. Tablet / book put - no problem, and even before the heap of everything. Here, for example, a pair of thermocup free to hang interspersed with all sorts of wallets / cosmetics

In general: stitched without flaws, nothing sticks out anywhere. Quality for its price is decent. With Oxford fabric it looks more interesting than any ordinary artificial leather, for example. When used in negative weather - no problem.
Of the minuses - A4 documents do not fit.
Who cares, video: ae-cn.alicdn.com/nsCLfUthUgAOWRUAPmY/Hhe1REgEOp2vdzuXDFx%40%40hd.mp4