Life and death of the tablet for 1500 rubles

If you think that the only goodThe tablet is an iPad, that a normal touch screen is only capacitive and preferably 11 touches at the same time, which cannot be saved on children, then do not read this review. Do not waste your time and nerves.
If you want to learn how to make a child happy for at least half a year for 1500 rubles, then this review is for you.

This is a review of the tablet from the time it was purchased until the last screw was unscrewed. The tablet is so good that even after a breakdown it brought a lot of joy to the child.
There are a lot of videos in the review. The most interesting in the section "last joy"
The tablet was purchased at the aliexpress site for $ 51.74. Now this lot has already been deleted, but I am placing a link to a similar lot of the same seller. With a card removed a little more than 1,500 rubles.
The tablet is a copy of “EKEN M009F”, but produced in an unknown basement in China.
The tablet was originally chosen for the child,which at that time was not yet one and a half years old. The principle of choice was the following: minimum price, stylus, performance sufficient for the simplest games, video playback.
The package was delivered in 45 days.
The whole process of unpacking the package was filmed. No one worked on tablets with a resistive screen, so it was not possible to unlock the screen the first time.
At the moment, the video unpacking lookedmore than 130 thousand times. Many comments with insults like "rogue", "mean", "save on children", etc. Whatever people write, I consider the tablet to be one of the best acquisitions. Why? I will explain below.

Tablet options
Screen size: 7 inches.
Resolution: 800 × 480.
Processor: InfoTM IMAP X210 with a frequency of 1 GHz.
RAM: 256 MB.
OS: Android 2.3.3.
Camera: 0.3 MP.
Photos of the tablet
A couple of photos of the tablet immediately after unpacking. The screen has not yet removed the shipping film.

Video playback
The tablet was chosen including for viewing cartoons. He perfectly coped with this task. Reproduced all the formats that I offered him.
Video playback Full HD tablet for 1500 rubles. At the time of making the video, the child learned only one button on the tablet, which he soon broke.

Tablet video review
The video review shows all aspects of use.tablet, even those for which I did not intend to use it. You can notice the brakes, but the fact that the brakes, the child does not need. For a child, only reproduction of cartoons and simple coloring games were supposed.

What's inside the tablet?
One and a half year old child is difficult to explain thatyou can do and what not. The $ 50 tablet was clearly not designed by the Chinese for such small children. Very quickly the stylus hit the back button, and it failed. It was a good excuse to disassemble the tablet. What I did.

Games for the child on the tablet
Two months later, the child fully mastered the tablet andalready able to run applications. Favorite game was “Angry Birds”, but he himself learned how to launch birds later, and at that time he liked to watch others do it.

The InfoTM IMAP X210 processor was released in 2011, but in terms of performance (unpacking a large archive), it was able to overtake the pseudo-dual-core Telechips TCC8923.
Performance testing 4 tablets on different processors. This tablet is not the last place.

Tablet for a child
The child almost daily used the tablet floorof the year. He played simple games and watched cartoons. Batteries lasted a little over an hour, but this is good. We told him that the tablet was tired and needed to be charged. The child easily agreed that the tablet needed “rest”, and was looking forward to the next day. Therefore, the small time of operation of this tablet in our case is a plus, since a small child should not spend a lot of time behind the tablet screen.
But the child was growing up, and he began to appearcharacter Once again, he did not agree that the tablet needed rest, and threw it onto the floor with all his might. The tablet survived, the child was scolded. Unfortunately, this was repeated several times, and after the next quirk the tablet stopped loading.
Also a lesson. Throw? The tablet has broken. The child was upset, but I hope I learned the lesson. Or not made? I do not know, at 2 years old, a child is able to understand that he is guilty of a breakdown or not. Scolded a little and left. Then he asked for a tablet, we gave it to him, but it did not load. We said that the tablet broke. The kid said he broke it.
Last joy
After the tablet stopped loading, I decided not to repair it, but to disassemble it. It was very interesting to disassemble the tablet to the last screw. Especially to see how the screen works.
I myself took it with pleasure, but it gave the child just a lot of pleasure. Hardly took the remains of the tablet to attempt to assemble or use as spare parts.

Advantages and disadvantages
I would not have the nerves to work on suchthe tablet. Interfaces are slowed down, the sensor does not work well on the finger (you need to work with the stylus), a short time of work. The version of the operating system has long been outdated, and it is unusual to use the system after the newer ones, but the tablet was bought not for me, but for the child. It is in this context that I will write pros and cons.
What did the child learn?
1. Include cartoons.
2. Hold the stylus.
3. Draw and paint.
4. Play simple games.
5. Patience and some rules.
6. Knows where the processor is
- Low price.
- Play video of any format.
- Natural time limit for a small child.
- Insufficient performance for system interfaces.
- The tablet is dead. I thought it would live longer.
I know that most people will say that thisThe tablet is generally not worth the attention. This is a braked junk with a resistive screen. I would have thought the same way if I had not seen how much happiness this tablet brought to my child. I saw a lot of tablets (already 20 pieces), and the child used at least three, but he liked the tablet with the resistive screen, where you need to stick it with a “stick”!
P.S. With this review I begin a series of reviews of more modern tablets. One of them will be a new toy for the child