HDD Western Digital Blue 1TB 2.5 ″ SATA WD10SPZX Hard Drive from China

Good day to everyone, everyone!
Dared to order a hard drive in China. I will say right away: the prank was a success! (Review under the cut)
By sharing the news of ordering this HDD onshopping page to 11.11, I received a few comments warning to purchase such a tender item in China, especially considering that I live in the village and go through the Russian Post. After that, it became clear to me that with the sending of the parcel, the lottery started, it would be broken / not broken, and I began to worry. In my justification, I note that I live in a district center far from large chain stores, I was tempted by the discount price and the customer reviews were bribed.

Meanwhile, the number of commentsincreased, there were tips to make a test disk surface on arrival, sad stories were told about broken HDD, etc. The excitement intensified. It became obvious to me that my experience would be useful for courageous followers. Now that the disk has come and tested, ready to share the results!
This is my first review, please.
1 Disk Specifications
2 Unpacking
3 Tests
4 Warranty service
5 Conclusion
1 Disk Specifications
Model WD10SPZX
1000 GB capacity
128 MB buffer memory
Speed ​​of rotation is 5400 rpm
SATA 6 Gbps connectivity
Average delay time (Latency) 5.5 ms
Maximum operating temperature 60 ° C
Power consumption 1.50 W
Dimensions (WxHxD) 69.97x7x100.2 mm
Weight 90 g
2 Unpacking the box, compared to the size of the disk, is healthy.

There are small dents on the box. Exciting!

And inside is a cool dummy:

With a flip "cover" (I will leave to myself to carry an external HDD)

Silica gel was carefully placed on the disc.

3 Tests
The tests were conducted for a drive connected to the SATA connector of the new Beelink x45 mini-PC with the following characteristics:
System: Windows 10
Processor: Intel Celeron J4105 1.5 GHz (2.5 GHz in turbo mode)
Graphics: Intel® UHD Graphics 600
Memory: 6GB DDR4 RAM + 128GB SSD
2.1 CrystalDiskIinfo
This program, like the following ones, does not display the amount of buffer memory (128 MB passport). However, the results of the first 2 tests CrystalDiskMark can indirectly evaluate it.

The disc is new. These inclusions are made by me.
2.2 CrystalDiskMark

The speeds for large files are normal, without miracles.
2.3 HD Tune Pro
Next - check the disk for errors.

The result is good. Let's look at the scan speed map:

High speeds (green color) correspond to empty areas of the disk (I managed to fill in the rest with files).
Further test sequential read:

The graph is strange: the mini-PC is probably guilty of such races: in its review in the SSD section of the test drive was the same.
UPD: in the comments, the vlo user offered the following explanation: this is a screw with smr and trim (!) Support. it does not read non-prescribed areas from pancakes, like ssd.
2.4 SSD-Z

The schedule reminded me of the times of studying at VUZ for a machine gunner.
2.5 ATTO
2.5 Transferring a file from \ to native SSD respectively
The first picture shows a sharp jump in speed at the beginning of the recording. Cache blame?
4 Warranty serviceThe first thing went to the site WD support to verify the possibility of warranty service. Filled out the form by entering the serial number of the disk and here is the result:

The fields "status" and "expiry date" causealarm, but then I press the disk registration button under the “expiration date” line and successfully register the HDD by serial number, which means the authenticity of the disk. Then I write a letter to the support service:
Hello! Is the warranty valid for my disc purchased on aliexpress? (the serial number was attached). And the answer is:
Regarding your question, yes, the guarantee will be valid since it is international. In case of warranty replacement, you can contact us. I guess your disk is fine.
Warranty period for blue WD 2 years.
5 Conclusion I was lucky: the disc came intact, bought offline for $ 10 cheaper (20% discount), working normally and with an international guarantee. Thanks for attention!