0-185 ° Digital Angle Finder Meter Protractor Spirit Level AP LCD

Quite a rare case, I can not take advantage. Well, I decided not only to show curiosity myself, but also to tell others.
An order came from Ali. Weight - 1192 grams. Something immediately seemed suspicious. Gutted - it is. In the order one item is replaced by a completely unknown to me product. In a sense, the purpose and principle are known, but I did not order it! Digital angle meter. OK let's see.

I actually ordered instead of this miraclenormal digital caliper. Cost about 13 bucks. A sent device costs about 40 bucks. Those. it turns out like the unforgettable O. Bender: “You have been deceived. They sold you a much higher quality fur! ”They sent me the unmarked hrenovina three times more expensive than the one I needed.
Well, as long as the essence of the case (wrote to the seller about the strangeness with the order), we dig into the randomly obtained tool.
So let me introduce: a digital protractor. Let's assign an abbreviation for the tools mentioned in the review for brevity. Let our building level be exactly us. Well, the Digital Protractor (the product in question) will be called UG. Why so - I will explain below.
English parameters

Designed to accurately determine the angularvalues ​​in degrees with tenths on any kind of production. Although during construction, even with different types of hobbies. On the one hand, it is very convenient - you do not need to calculate anything. I leaned, counted the value from the scoreboard. On the other hand, the Chinese would not be Chinese, if they did not get rid of it here. They stupidly placed the exact digital device in a bulky building construction level! Of course, you can go nuts. If I make any airplane with a size of 50 cm, and measure angles will have a heavy and hefty shit with dimensions of half a plane? Same as it will be necessary to be perverted ??? Again, in CONSTRUCTION, I personally, frankly, have no mind - where can I use a level and protractor with a shoulder length of 24 cm ??? For Barbie with Ken to build a dacha?
Well, the Chinese can be understood. They found a tool in which a huge amount of internal space just disappears and where it is possible to successfully drive all digital machinery.
For people far from construction tools, a small lyrical digression.
What is CSS? The usual piece of thick-walled aluminum tube of rectangular cross-section. In it, depending on the preferences of the manufacturer, there are two or three bubble capsules. For horizontal, vertical and 45 degrees. They are made PRECISIONALLY, i.e. have strict requirements for dimensions and landing sites. Once installed in their nest, they are not going anywhere until the end of the tool’s life. A pair of plastic plugs on the edges. Laser scale on the side faces. Soles of the US on the production process is milling or grinding, so that there are no sagging, torsion or concavity-convexity. The bubble bubble itself can be of any color, and its sole can only be polished metal of high quality. Actually, everything. This is a GOOD bubble rm. Of course, it is worth decent money. But also accuracy allows to achieve very quite good. Used in the construction of normal objects. Dzhamshutam fundamentally not even shown.
The Chinese CM is something completely different. The same rectangular section tube. But made of something a little thicker than foil. The same capsules with bubbles. But - for unification and cheapening - round shape. Okay. A groove is made on the round crap, a thorn is on the body. Then you can also achieve a strict installation of the capsule in the case. An, it was not there. I came across a CM where any of these “bubble eyes” could be turned in the body in any manner. Though 360 degrees. Fingers And even squeeze this bubble "eye" at all. As a result, when building a house, this can come up in the form of a non-vertical wall or a non-horizontal floor.
Let's return to our tool.Handsome, ches-word! You take in hand, you feel - a thing! Cold, angular, heavy. The metal used is thick, 2 mm. Coating - anodizing. Some reddish. Consists of the main body with electronic filling and a moving corner.Here between the side face of the case and the corner will lie the desired angle measured by us. It is written, from 0 to 185 degrees can be measured.On the end is a key switch. The inscription “On”, “Off” and the silhouette of a 9 V battery (made like paint on a scale!) Leave no doubt that the power is hidden under the cover. According to the seller, the battery is included. In the package it was not found separately. So, already installed inside. OK, click the switch. Along the way, finding solid burrs on the plastic. And silence! LCD shows nothing. Hm We look closely at the surfaces adjacent to the end with the switch in search of mounting the roof of the battery compartment. Yeah, there is a small bolt without a head. Unscrew. To get the tool while broke. A screwdriver served as a nail file lying on the desk of a daughter. Pull the stub. Damn, that's driven! And fingers, and a nail file ... As befits anodized aluminum, crunches. But holds, while there are no irreparable chips. It remains only to help the teeth. No, I will not. Not sterile, however. The Chinese - well, they are, from sin ... Finally, this copy of the enemy technology surrendered. I took out this stub. Aha That's the culprit. One of the wires on the switch fell off. Not including a soldering iron, somehow put the wiring to the foot of the switch. Click - earned indicator. OK, “they poked it with a wand - but it is alive!” When pulling out the plug, the length of the wire was very disturbed. It allows the cap to move away from the body no more than 5-7 mm. Economists, their mother. He pulled, bent to the side - change the battery. Yeah, see the battery. Only she is squeezed as the cap of the case. Well, everything. The device got me. And I got the tools ...
Let us disassemble this Chinese super-duper measuring smithereens!
Once I have disassembled, we will not indulge. To pull the battery pull the wires. Hm It stretches. And even the lid can be a little further to pull from the butt. Well, well ... Oh, little battery! And really, it was wedged in - mother, do not worry. Got it using the screwdriver tool and some kind of mother. It turned out that the wiring got under it in the wrong place. And he ate a battery.By the way, this is how you release “Krona” fromprotective shell? From the side you cram any knife, with one motion you make an incision and with the second movement you take off the cut film? Nah, the Chinese are much more industrious than us! It is much more interesting for them to make such a figure cutout on contacts. And, apparently, easier. The only thing left to be disassembledsoldered wire on the switch. And after that, pull the giblets in the direction of the measuring head - the one that is from the opposite end, which is face to face. For its flange is clearly thicker than the internal section of the body. A pair of screws holds the display module. Actually, this is all the electronics of the device. The seat of the upper vesicle does not seem to interfere, but we will take it out too. Especially since it is very simple. Straight fingers removed from the landing "crib." And the “crib” itself with the help of a pair of uninteresting latches is held in the housing.The hole between the indicator and the round capsule isit turned out to be a plastic tapered bushing for fixing the holder of this capsule in place. It is squeezed back and - voila, the capsule is free to move along the body.But the fixture measuring head justpinned You twist it - and he is nifiga. It turns. He is on Gadget! To unscrew them, and even more to fasten, you need to push all the giblets in the direction of the battery compartment. And this is where the “bed” of a rectangular capsule could hinder. But we already removed it. As far as wires allow, we shift. The round window will be released and you can crawl there with thin female or children's fingers. Chinese. Well, or tweezers, but only curved, which is also not easier. The plastic case of the measuring head, bolted to the aluminum with gadget, and even without washers. Well, insanity! Okay. We take out, lay out, fotkaem. Lepot By pulling out, it turned out that the transparent glass over the LCD had burst during assembly. Therefore, by the way, nothing was visible on the lower edge through the hole of an unknown destination. And there, it turns out, there is a certain mikrik. It also can be pressed through the aforesaid hole.What does this process affect? If you keep the micric pressed and turn on the power, the brains of the device fall into a certain mode, in which, with winks, the data on the display changes about once a second. The data is clearly related to the measured angle. And are clearly issued in hexadecimal form. And alternate with zeros. And if you press the minivan for a second, then the zero becomes the numbers 45. For a second - 90. Another - 135. Another - 180. Aha, thought Stirlitz. Calibration! Yes, this is it. It will be necessary to take advantage. And even before disassembling, I tried - “pleased” the accuracy of the measurement. Before this gap, he showed “0”.And this is already, KMK, not ZERO. And if you open along the surface of the table - it is not 180 degrees.Okay, let's continue. Once there is a calibration, this is not so important:Again no manufacturing accuracy. The bolt head is turned relative to the body. She has only one function left - anti-twist protection when tightening. Pull the stuffing out of the case.That's all. It remains to inspect more closely and get into the sensor (measuring head). Here is a circular bubble capsule in disassembled form. Ring - just cover for a well with a capsule. So that the capsule does not hang out and the whole body inside the device itself.Right here you can see the very groove-thorn forfixing the position of the bubble capsule. But, of course, made in Chinese. Falls without problems. Well, has a backlash. At the end of the review put the video. There it will be seen better.
And here is the disassembled measuring head. Ha, come on! Resistive sensor. Who would doubt that. Cheap and angry. While working ... There will be debris on the tracks, the coating will start to wipe - the readings will become awful. Everyone remembers the volume control knobs in Chinese speakers? Here is the same thing. Well, okay, this has not yet reached. The new Chinese device will stretch anything.Two plastic washers pretend that they arefriction clutches. We clamp the central screw - washers hardly slide on each other. Tightening you can pick up the effort of folding the corner. Well, the Chinese backlash. Where do without them?

Here is the reverse side of the board.Microcontroller unblemished microcontroller. Quartz. Capacitor. A pair of ICs. And a bunch of resistors. ADC, do you care ... So it measures. There is a stable voltage generator. There is a comparator for comparison with the standard recruited by resistors. There is an EPROM to memorize the calibration. Perhaps that's all. The indicator light is not soldered. Oh yes! When assembling the device, a talented Chinese pioneer threw a loop on the capacitor, which shortened a couple of centimeters of the opportunity to pull the power connector out of the case. I had to fix it. In addition to soldering power wires and gluing cracked Plexiglas.
Okay. Collect everything back after our revision. Let's look at the bubble capsules. Again, backlash. Pay attention to the numbers - they do not change. And the bubble rolls around like a Kolobok through the forest, back and forth and without supervision.
Well, and here at all expanse - everything is just removed and inserted with your fingers.

So summarize.
+ The device does work. I was not lucky with the torn wiring.
+ The device is quite subject to calibration.
+ With hands, you can make it suitable for real use.
- Backlash in general everywhere.
- No indicator light.
- Do not place this device in construction: shoulders are too small, many places of dust penetration (for a measuring head this is not useful), no protection against water.
- Do not place this device in the home. Is that once every couple of years it will be possible to pull out of the store, buy a battery, attach it somewhere. Take a breath and throw back from where he took it.
- All inscriptions are made with paint. Erased by themselves. From contact with another tool.
- Anodizing is weak, not durable.
- For domestic use too bulky and heavy.
What you need to do to fix the manufacturer’s shoals.
1. Disassemble completely and make an audit for assembly.
2. Eliminate any gaps in the measuring head. Foil winding on an axis, for example.
3 Elimination of backlash bubble capsules in the nests with simultaneous adjustment. Here we need a strictly horizontal and strictly vertical smooth surface. Here, only gluing. At least on the same Chinese superglue.
4. Adjustment of the measurement scale. It is done easily. Take a sheet of the name of Whatman. A good large protractor with tenths of a degree. With a thin pencil we draw a point and a horizontal line passing through it. From the point of the rays at 45, 90, 135 degrees. Such long rays - 25-30 centimeters, no less. On the off device, press and hold the mikrik pressed through the hole in the sole. Turn on the power. On the display is 188.8 and the battery symbol (such as the LCD test). We release mikrik. The display run numbers. 0.0 is replaced by something hexadecimal once a second. Fully fold the angle - "Zero" degrees. Push mikrik for 1 sec. The display now changes the 45.0 and hexadecimal code for the angle from the sensor. We open the device at an angle of 45 degrees along the drawn line on the paper. Again, click on 1 sec mikrik. The display is already 90.0. We open at 90 degrees on the drawing paper, click on 1 sec Mikrik. Well, once more - now at 135 degrees. The microcontroller remembers everything. Turn off, turn on, measure.
General conclusions:
The device is interesting. But no implementation. That's why I called it at the beginning of the review a secret acronym - UG. For fans, you can try to pull out the electronics and adapt to something of their own. For example, to the self-made format-cutting machine for furniture production.