10 meter hose for Bosh car wash

Greetings A small review of useful pieces for high-pressure washing.
In the autumn was bought washing Bosch AQT 42-13. Since it has a complete hose of 7 meters, which is quite a small amount, even around the car is not bypassed. I immediately ordered a 10 meter hose and coupling and foam generator. Pennik tested so hands and did not reach - I will write about him in the spring. But the hose was used actively and very successfully.

The seller is quite famous and specializes in car wash accessories. The hose and pennik sent from a warehouse in Moscow. But the adapter came from China. We arrived in two weeks, oddly enough.
Some pictures

Pretty heavy


Operating pressure

Maximum 480bar / 6960PSI (judging by the description from the product page)
Boshevsky hose


Working pressure 130bar

The photo turned out not very good - the diameters are the same.

Boshevsky hose is thinner and stiffer

Both look like reinforced, although until you cut it out you won't know (which of course I'm not going to do).
Now the coupling adapter
Worth $ 7
Looks primitive and simple, but it works fine.

Connectors are held with steel wire. Just arranged to mount the hose to the sink, and nozzles to the hose.



Used instead of Boshevsky and with it. Very convenient - the sink is at a safe distance from the washer and the car.
No leakage or disconnection of hoses was observed during repeated use.
In general, I can advise to the acquisition.
ps Pennik such