200pcs A76 AG13 LR44 1.5V Alkaline Button Cell Battery free ship - who said it’s impossible?

Hello! mini-explorer of batteries, and decided to write, because Many resellers and stores currently do not send batteries and batteries, as well as surely many are faced with a very low quality of this product.
briefly: I recommend to buy!
there was a lot of variety in my houseDevaysik working on this type of batteries, including toys for adults, ordered many packages in which 50 pieces in one, such blue substrates, took both in well-known stores and from sellers for Ali, relying on reviews, for example this(by the way the seller on my review Aleksandr V. in list 4, from above in 1 star did not register, but said thank you), but they all ended before they could begin, there are very many marriages, swollen, bursting and with low voltage!

and so I decided to still find batteries in packs of 10 pieces, this lot was chosen because of the good unit price, and the quantity, given previous experience, was fine.
knowing that there were problems with the delivery of batteries, I decided to make an order in defiance of fate
09/15/2012 paid the order
09/17/2012 got the track
10/23/2012 received by mail
packaging, weight 513 grams

Unfortunately I declared that I could not make out, but definitely not the batteries

inside wrapped film box

inside the rows are stacked 20 blisters of 10 batteries each


as seen in the photo stated 1.55 V, we measure

measured a few pieces, the voltage is higher than stated at all, the maximum - 1.63 V
I did not find any bloated or bursting, everything is neat and beautiful, I recommend the goods
P.S. do not throw stones at the review of such small things; high-quality products in this category are very rare;)
P.P.S. do not consider advertising here The store of this seller will be interesting to airsoft players, outdorschikam, knayfman well and all indifferent))