20W 110V-220V Mini Electric Glue Gun

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Details about the next device from China tea)
For the lazy: I do not recommend buying a gun. You can take the glue)
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It so happened that this is my first published review (there are still a lot of sketches in the drafts), so do not kick it =)

And so, the gun.

Packed in a regular “bag” with a pimple film inside. Parcel weighs 74 grams. The seller indicated almost exactly:
Package Weight: 0.08kg (0.176lb.)
... in one place, and in another:
Weight: 122g
The plastic from which this device is made looks like a non-flammable one. But something is not really believe it)
The joints of the housing halves are POCKY! The edges of the halves will need to be cut off - they cast it and they did not steam it ...
The sticker on the left side is glued crooked.
The nozzle is also crooked, it does not even have to be delivered (the casing is so well cast). And the very barrel in the same spirit was cast.
Actually PHOTO

Separately to the gun ordered glue. There is nothing special to paint here. Glue like glue. Its function fully performs.
Here is exile. Like working)

Declared weight by seller
Package Weight: 0.2kg (0.441lb.)
Corresponds to) see more photos under the spoiler.
PHOTO glue

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