20x Double-Side Prototype PCB Universal Board, 5 × 7 4 × 6 3 × 7 2x8CM

A set of development boards.
Last month I did a mockup review withTinyDeal for 85 cents. I wrote in the comments that I found a set of mock-up boards on AliExpress. Since the price was tempting, I could not stand it and ordered. I liked the fact that the boards looked good, the holes were tinned and metallized, and the dimensions of the boards were captivated by their versatility.

The parcel went less than a month. Our customs kept the parcel for more than a week, plus the whole parcel went to the sorting center of the Kazan station in Moscow (plus a few more days).
Here in this form I received the parcel in the mail:

The package is small but weighty.
At home, having opened the bag (inside it was glued with a stress film), I found in it a sealed anti-static bag in which the boards were packed.

Dimensions of antistatic bag 9x9x1 cm
We get everything from the package and see 20 breadboard boards

The first impression is the quality for five plus !!! I bought similar boards in Chip and Dip, only the textolite was yellow and the price was 5 times more.
In total, a set of 4 sets of boards for 5 boards in each set.
The largest board 5x7 cm

The holes are metallized, the plots are tinned. With the spirit of the parties made the site for the outer periphery. Horizontally, Latin letters from A to X, denoting rows of holes, are printed on the top and bottom in even type. The vertical numbering of the horizontal rows from 1 to 18 is plotted on the right and left.
On the reverse side everything is the same, except for the bottom row. The bottom row is marked board - the size of the board and an identification number.

On other boards, the designation is similar.
Fee 4x6 cm

Fee 3x7 cm

Fee 2x8 cm

This is where all the boards come together.

Board thickness about 1.5 mm. I can’t measure exactly, there is no gauge (flies to me from China). If you add 10 boards together, the thickness is 1.7 cm.
Material - textolite 100%. The biggest fee is 5x7 cm, I hardly bend.
If on past boards I ordered withreview of the breadboard with TinyDeal, was getinaks (I wrote in the comments), then there is clearly a difference for the better. Such a fee is hard to break.
The pitch of the holes is 1/10 inch (2.54 mm).
For comparison, a couple of photos with the previous board:

As you can see, the quality is much better.
Now about the price. I bought this set of boards for $ 12.89. In the past course a little more than 300 rubles about 390 rubles. (now cheaper). If you use the simple method and divide the price by the number of boards, then the price of one board will be 64.5 cents, which is 20 cents cheaper than the board with TinyDeal. If we calculate the price of boards taking into account their area, we get:
The area of ​​all the boards is 5 * 7 * 5 + 4 * 6 * 5 + 3 * 7 * 5 + 2 * 8 * 5 = 175 + 120 + 105 + 80 = 480 cm square.
The price of one cm square. = 12.89 / 480 = 2.6885 cents
Cost of the board 5x7 cm = 94 cents
Cost 4x6 cm = 64 cents
Board cost 3x7 cm = 56 cents
Board cost 2x8 cm = 43 cents
Even in this case, the largest fee costs less than a dollar (29 rubles) - in my opinion, a very good price compared to prices in off-line stores.
I will sum up.
1) Good price
2) Excellent workmanship
3) Metallized holes
4) Metallized hole pads on both sides
5) Tubes and holes
6) Board material - textolite
7) Good marking (smooth and readable font)
Cons - not detected.
I recommend to buy.