5 port Choetech Q3-4U2Q (60W) charger with Quick Charge 3.0 and PD support

Today I'm talking about the next charger.
This time, the 5-port Choetech Q3-4U2Q (60W) charger with Quick Charge 3.0 and PD support
The review demonstrates the possibilities and not a big stress test.
But I immediately say, I have nothing to check the PD, because only QC3.0, etc.

But for those who do not know what PD is, a small excursion:
Situation with a huge number of competingtechnology in the market do not like google. The owner of the ecosystem wants to introduce for all Android devices a single standard for fast charging via the USB Type-C port. Despite the fact that the standard called USB Power Delivery appeared three years ago, it is still not widely used. But soon things can change: Google has already taken a step towards Qualcomm, which reported Quick Charge 4 compatibility with USB PD. Other manufacturers will probably follow.
USB Power Delivery feature issupport a large number of profiles that are suitable for charging any device, from smartphones to powerful laptops. While the USB PD operation is provided in the following modes: 5 V / 2 A (10 W), 12 V / 1.5 A (18 W), 12 V / 3 A (36 W), 12-20 V / 3A (up to 60 W) and 12-20 V / 4.75-5 A (up to 100 W).
This charger is not my first from Choetech. Before that, for about 10 months I have a 6 port Choetech Q34U2QUS charger in use.
And in general, from personal experience, as well as from other reviews, I treat the products of this manufacturer very well. Therefore, I ordered myself this charging station.
I'll start with the characteristics:

As you can see, everything is quite interesting.
Well, as practice and other reviews show, Choetech does not cheat about the characteristics. Therefore, we believe.
Now directly to my copy of the charge.
To the buyer, the charger comes in a box with an updated design:

The package bundle consists of the charging station itself, a power cord, a USB Type-C cord at both ends and instructions:

Instructions by the way in English, not Chinese:

Power cord with European plug. Adapters are not needed:

USB Type-C cord on USB Type-C surprised by its quality. It is thick, dense, the plug itself is made very soundly, and inside there are very noticeable contacts. Perhaps this is done for PD technology:

Photos compared to the 6 port Choetech Q34U2QUS charger. :

I would take a couple of such cords separately.
Charging itself. Looks like a small box. By the way, really small:

In comparison with Choetech Q34U2QUS:

Externally, charging is a box, on the one hand that has 4 USB ports and one Type-C port, and on the other hand, the input for the power cord:

In the presence of power from the outlet, on the case under the ports the blue indicator is lit:

Charging despite the small size is noticeable soheavy The assembly is done perfectly. The plastic case itself is slightly matte. On the table looks quite good. But in this version of charging, I probably do not have enough legs of the stand like that of my previous Choetech Q34U2QUS.
Now testing. I'll start with the USB Type-C port
I connect with a complete cord, and check the supported protocols:

Manual check:



Now the USB port is marked in green and also supports many protocols.
I check:


Load up to 3A without problems:

Well, the usual USB port:

Load up to 3A is kept quite normal:

Well, like a stress test. It is a real and typical load on such a charge. When at the same time you need to charge the tablet, several phones, player, power bank and so on.

With such a load, the voltage dropped slightly. But for charging most devices, this is enough.
Unfortunately, I do not have a single PD device.and those are not my friends. Therefore, I can not check the work of PD. But I will be very grateful if suddenly someone donates a device with PD to me for further testing of this and future chargers (if this is an attempt to make a joke)
The rest of the charger shows good results, has the support of the majority of modern charging protocols and made more or less well-known manufacturer.
And by the way, until January 15, there is a $ 2 coupon on the order page

I can safely recommend this charger for purchase. I generally liked it.
That's all. All happiness and good.