All-in-One Universal Battery Charger - supposedly a universal charger

“Everything new is well forgotten old” (Popular wisdom)
Hello! Despite the above proverb, I bring to your attention a review of the charger, which has already been described here earlier. True, they have small differences ...
Summarizing, I will say that it is not universal, but it will do for charging Li-Ion batteries. Details below.

I bought this charger for charging 18650 Li-Ion batteries. The fact that it allegedly can charge NiCd and NiMH batteries was evaluated as an undoubted “plus”, however, in order.
Parcel arrived in a standard carton,which was immediately thrown out by the spouse, so I didn’t have time for you to take a picture of her (the box, not the spouse), and, okay, there was nothing interesting there. Inside the box there are 2 chargers in their bags and 2 adapters for our sockets.
device photos from different sides

Liked that flat contact plugfolds into the case, thus it is possible to transport this charger together with things without fear of damaging the latter. The truth will have to take another adapter with a flat plug to the usual one (the benefit is in the kit).
On the other hand, the charger has onefixed contact, and the second spring-loaded, which allows you to charge batteries of various sizes from AAA (maybe even less, I do not know) up to 18650.
Also there is a 2-color LED - charge indicator.
At the very beginning of the charge, the indicator is red, by the end of the charge it becomes green, and in the interval it gradually changes color from red to green.
Technical information and my thoughts:
Internals:As you can see from the photo, there are no microcircuits here, i.e. The charger is the simplest analog, without any charge controllers. Well at least there is a galvanic isolation (in simple language - it does not hit the current when you touch the battery during charging). To understand the difference between the methods of charging Li-Ion and NiCd (NiMH) batteries, I suggest reading an article from the IXBT websitefrom which it becomes clear that without using a charge controller, it is IMPOSSIBLE to make a high-quality universal charger!
This is what the manufacturer promises:
Output: 1.2 v / 350mA, 3.7v / 300mA.
I will give currents (I) and voltages (U), in various modes, which are measured in reality:
- without battery U = 4.2 V;
- discharged Li-Ion battery U = 3.2 V, I = 300 mA;
- half-charged Li-Ion battery U = 4 V, I = 60 mA;
- almost charged Li-Ion battery U = 4.1 V, I = 30 mA;
- it does not matter what NiCd (NiMH) U is about 1.2 V, I = 6 mA.
When charging Li-Ion batteries, the color of the indicatorchanges from red to green during charging, with NiCd or NiMH installed, the indicator color is always green and it’s impossible to know when the battery has charged.
As can be seen from the above, the charging deviceroughly charges Li-Ion batteries. Charging time 6 ... 10 hours. When charging NiCd (NiMH), the slow charge method is used (see the above reference to theory), but the current is too low. With such a current, a 2000 mA / h battery will charge 330 hours !!!
In general, it is possible to use LI-Ion batteries as a battery charger, for NiCd and NiMH it is not worth it. At a price of about 80 rubles apiece, go.
Good luck !!!