We cherish our lungs! Half mask respirator 3M series 7500

On the review half mask is a 3M respirator.
A respirator is a means of individual protection of the respiratory organs from the ingress of dust, aerosols or harmful gases.
This product has been selected for country and homeworks, instead of disposable, cheap masks, the effectiveness of which is very small. In this case, the type of work, you can install a suitable cartridge, and after it is contaminated - replace.

The half-masks of the 7500 series combine a snug fit and provide reliable protection at an affordable price.
Scope of delivery1. A set of carbon filters from gases and vapors - 2 pcs.
2. Set of prefilters - 10 pcs.
3. Filter kit class P3 - 2 pcs.
4. And a half mask of 3M, model 7502.

Size range Half-Series 7500 are available in three sizes:
1. Small - S 7501
2. Medium - M 7502
3. Large - L 7503

Silicone front part and better than many others.materials maintains a temperature close to the temperature of the face in conditions of both high and low temperatures, the material of the mask is hypoallergenic.
A thin nasal bridge provides increased comfort.
The mask is very light, the rigid nasal part does not outweigh, its weight is 136 g.

Conversation in a mask is not difficult, and when contaminated during work, the mask can be easily washed with water, using detergents.
Bayonet mount provides tight connection of the filter to the half mask with one turn.

The half mask is equipped with inhalation and exhalation valves, reducing the accumulation of hot air and moisture formation under the front part.
Cool Flow Exhalation Valve Provides Lowresistance to breathing, and the flow of exhaled air is directed downward, so it eliminates the fogging of goggles, face or welding shields. Therefore, it is often chosen in car painting services.

The half mask is equipped with a comfortable headband system.
The design of the straps, increases the stability of the half mask on the face, there is also the possibility of dropping the half mask, throwing off the headband from the top of the head.
Drop-down system makes it easy to take offa half mask without taking off other personal protective equipment including a helmet, goggles, or headphones. To activate this system, it is necessary to remove the headband straps from under the stop with the arrow.
The mask is fixed behind the neck through a convenient clamp, in one motion.

Types of complete filters The first package is a paircarbon filters protect from exposure to organic vapors and gases with a boiling point of> 65 ° and is designed to work in the paint industry to work with solvents, enamels and similar materials.
It is optimal for protection against the ingress of organic vapors into the human respiratory system.
And the adsorbent - in this case activated carbon.
Item number 3M 6001CN.

The second package is a dust filter or particulate filter.
Universal protection against many pollutants, well captures small particles of wood and protects against dust. These filters do not protect against odors from solvents and paints.
Item number - 3M 2091.

Prefilters are used for optional coal filters and are attached to the main filters with holders.
Item number - 3M 5911.
The prefilter holder is a paired accessory. They are suitable for 5000 and 6000 series masks.
Item number - 3M 501.

I took off the process of fitting the mask on the video - the process took 10 seconds, with partial overhead and re-preparation for work, it will take about 3 seconds, the link to the video will be lower.
Photo mask assembled with filters.

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