Keychain adjustable wrench. From the word to breed.

Good day!
I got this key for a long time: either in some quick deals, or on some banner on Ali. I added it to my desires and safely forgot about him. On 11.11 I decided to look into them and saw him again. There were many orders, the ratings were good and I decided: Why not? It is also necessary to order garbage, for the soul, so to speak. After receiving the link has been unavailable for some time ("This product is not available"), and now it is working again.

The parcel arrived quite quickly, but it came to my hands, for reasons beyond my control, with a delay. Opening the bag, I saw it ...

Sizes and comparison with a matchbox

Honey, little "big man" to pluck seven-millimeter bolt heads)))
Where are the proofs, Billy? :)

Pretty cute thing, I repeat, but iflook from afar, or even better on the photo on the product page, and when it’s in his hands - everything’s not so rosy: The seller’s photo looks like the original model, but he apparently made copies of it from a friend in the nearest school, because around the key there are a lot of metal pieces protruding at the junction of two casting forms, and the key surface itself leaves much to be desired. The protruding remnants of metal are small, but with the key sizes, it is impossible to call them pieces. And from the promised differs more than:

More types of key ends

So if someone like me is visited by the idea to buy a funny key chain, then look more carefully, because I would not recommend to make a purchase from this seller from the word at all.