Travel case covers: baggage protection and personalization

Traveling by plane will certainly come in handy.luggage covers - a light, simple and inexpensive accessory that helps to protect suitcases from minor mechanical damage, scratches, dirt and dust, contributes to the preservation of baggage and ensures its individualization.

Indeed, on a trip - as opposed to auto orrailway travelers - an air passenger leaves his luggage at the check-in desk or drop-off for a long time, watching his suitcases leave on the conveyor belt somewhere deep into the airport. There, where his suitcases will mercilessly throw during loading and unloading. There, where they can be soiled. Where they can be gutted ...
Next time the air passenger hopes to seeyour luggage on the baggage tape at the airport of arrival. But here is not so simple. It is not easy to quickly notice and remove from your conveyor belt your typical-standard black travel case among a variety of similarly typical-standard black travel cases so that it would not go to the second round or be taken away by someone else.

Covers are, sorry for the tautology,cloth covers placed on travel cases (on two or four wheels with a carrying handle on the side and a sliding handle for rolling on the top).

They differ in size and, of course, colors and patterns. The choice of size should pay special attention when buying, and the colors and patterns - completely to your taste.

So, the case has edged slots on the upper part (for a retractable handle) and on both sides (universally suitable for a handle located on either side).

At the bottom of the sides of the cover is embedded gum, which pulls the cover and does not allow him to get off the suitcase. The fabric is stretchy.

In the lower part of the floor cover taper, so as not to interfere with the suitcase wheels, and fasten the bottom of the suitcase on the textile fastener ("Velcro").
Putting the cover on the suitcase is made quickly and does not require much effort. The folded cover is compact and does not take up much space.
The cover put on the travel case protects it fromSlight shocks, scratches, cuts, as well as dirt, dust, etc., thus preserving the integrity and functionality of the travel case, its appearance, thereby extending the useful life and saving money.
The same considerations apply, for example, to ground transfers.
In addition, the cover to a certain extentprotects the contents of the suitcase from theft. After all, if the zipper of an ordinary suitcase is opened by the skillful hands of the thieves instantly, and the traces of the crime just as quickly disappear, then the suitcase in the case will have to tinker much longer (if you overtake the lightning sliders up the suitcase), and the traces of the opening will be clearly visible. Yes, and identify a specific suitcase and the path of its movement will be much easier. Of course, the cover does not give a 100 percent guarantee, but still ...
Although the suitcase itself is already packingfor baggage, and there is no need to pack the package in the package, it is possible, and even preferable, to use in addition to the cover and plastic film. Despite the fact that the case is thicker and stronger, it is a cheap film that will take the first blow.
Travel suitcase in a bright case with the originalthe picture looks “stylish, fashionable, youthful”, besides it improves the holiday mood and increases the joy of traveling by 146% - proved by British scientists
Suitcase in an individual case of bright colorsis visible from a distance, it will not get lost on the conveyor belt of the airport - you will not miss it, you will not go through all the bags that look like yours passing by you, it will not be picked up by mistake or intentionally another passenger.

Go to the agony of choice. If I leave the choice of colors and patterns entirely to your taste (and you can choose from a huge variety of options, in addition, you can order a cover with your image - even literally with your physiognomy), I dare to give you recommendations based on my own experience .
So, the covers were purchased for two travel suitcases of a private brand of one of the largest retail chains in size:
- 24 "(size according to the label 64 x 40 x 20 cm; actual dimensions of the case are 60 x 39.5 x 20 cm);
- 28 "(size according to the label is 75 x 45 x 22 cm; actual dimensions of the case are 70 x 44.5 x 23 cm).
The first seller offered covers on a dimensional grid of three sizes:
- S: 18 ”-20”, (44-51) x (28-37) x (18-27) cm;
- M: 22 ”-26”, (52-66) x (36-47) x (24-32) cm;
- L: 28 ”-30”, (67-81) x (45-65) x (30-43) cm.

Based on this, covers of sizes M andL. Despite the assurances of the seller, upon receipt, it turned out that the M case was put on the 24-inch suitcase, and the L case did not fit the 28-inch suitcase at all.
A vendor was found offering covers (of course, the same color) on a four-dimensional grid, namely:
- S: 18 ”-20”, (44-53) x (34-35) x (20-23) cm;
- M: 22 ”, (52-55) x (36-42) x (21-26) cm;
- L: 24 ”, (60-63) x (38-42) x (23-28) cm;
- XL: 26 ”-28”, (65-75) x (42-48) x (25-30) cm.

He had the XL case backed up, which fits perfectly for a 28-inch suitcase, and the previously purchased L case “got” a 24-inch suitcase.
Thus, it is preferable to purchase covers made according to the 4-dimensional grid, and from 3-dimensional to choose one size larger.
Covers are made of high quality fabric. Cut the right seams neat and durable.

Successfully passed the test of air travel.
Purchase satisfied.
Thanks for attention!