CHOETECH Q3002 - fast charging with support for QC 3.0 function

All the time of the day!
I offer you a review on the charger from the company CHOETECH model Q3002. The manufacturer promises 3 A at 5 volts and 1.5 A at 12 volts at the output.
First, a few characteristics from the product page.

  • Input voltage: 110-240 V 50/60 Hz
  • Output voltage: up to 12 V
  • Output current: 5 V / 3A, 9 V / 2A, 12 V / 1.5A
  • Output power: 18 W
  • Fast Charge Technology: Quick Charge 2.0, Quick Charge 3.0
  • Overcurrent protection.
  • Short circuit protection.

Contents of delivery:

  • USB Charger CHOETECH-1 pcs.
  • USB cable A-USB C (1 m) -1 pc.
  • User Guide - 1 pc.

About packaging and appearance
Charging arrived in a beautiful branded box.

On the reverse side there is a sign with brief characteristics and description of the device.

Inside, as promised, the seller was charging itself, type-c cable and instructions.


Charging is almost a square with sides of 4.5 cm.

And 2.5 cm thick.

Charging weight 68 grams.
For connection, only one USB-A port of blue color is available, which I think should hint that this is not a completely simple USB.

Some tests
First, check passport data. When testing, I will use the load and usb doctor.
5 Volt 3 Ampere.

And if a little more? 5 Volt 4 Ampere charge keeps confident.

But on the current in 4.2 Ampere already goes into protection.

A current reserve of more than 1 Ampere worthy ofmy opinion. After going to the defense, the charging itself tries to start after about 1 second, if the excess current is not eliminated, it turns off again and waits for 1 second.
9 Volt 2 Ampere.
According to the manufacturer charging performance keeps confident, there is no voltage drop.

Falls at the beginning of the graph, I'm a little confused with the trigger.
9 Volt 2.4 Ampere again everything works.

Protection triggered at a current of 2.5 Ampere.

Here, of course, the stock is smaller than 5 volts, but21 watts charging itself squeezed easily, by the way, this power is 21-22 watts and this is its limit on almost any voltage, which is in QC2 mode, which is in QC3
12 Volts 1.5 Amps
On the nominal everything is good, as well as past tests.

And again, charging holds a little more than it was stated.
12 Volt 1.75 Ampere

The protection worked at a current of about 1.83 Ampere.

And now a little Quick Charge 3.0.
The voltage is regulated by approximately 0.5 volts in the range from 5 to 12.3 V.

And this is how it looks on the charts. It is interesting that the doctor does not correctly determine the mode of operation of the QC3, but the charging itself understands everything correctly and raises the voltage.

In defense, as in the QC 2 mode, charging is gone at a voltage of 12V and a current of 1.83A.
For 10 minutes at a current of 3.5 Amps, the charging case warmed up to 50-52 degrees.

When working in modes declared by the manufacturer, the temperature of the case ranged from 48 to 50 degrees.

The test of the complete cable showed a resistance of 0.188 Ohm. in my opinion, quite decent, so that the cable can be considered good.

Video review

A small conclusion: In my opinion, it is quite good charging, with the support of current at the moment functions of fast charging. It's nice that the manufacturer put in a kit and a Type-C cable and it's doubly pleasant that on the very charge, good old USB-A and it is compatible with old devices.
I apologize in advance for spelling andthe grammar of the text, all the mistakes made are not made on purpose, but only because of ignorance and in connection with the imperfection of automatic text-checking programs.