Cheap screwdriver with interchangeable bits 5 in 1

Constantly flashes this screwdriver in the reviews, plusOften falls on Ali, the price is low, I did not especially expect the quality. If in one sentence - for non-force, periodic works can be taken.
There are several colors available - gold, red,blue, purple and green, all bright, not appropriate for the purpose of the tool, colors, by the way, the product has a similar screwdriver in black, but there are 6 bits and the price is 2 times more expensive.

Included are bits:
0.8 mm ★ 5 star - pentalob
1.2 mm + cross head
1.5 mm - flat head
T5 torx
T6 torx

The size of the screwdriver itself is 10 cm, with the bit 12.5 cm, the bit length is 4 cm
The material of the screwdriver is aluminum alloy, the material of bits is steel, a file with a file is not soft, most likely hardened.
The bits are held by a collet clamp,barely hang out. The notch on the case of the screwdriver is large, it is easy to hold it, when unscrewing and twisting the fingers, they will not slide. The remaining four bits are hidden in the case, just pull over the head and it is removed, it sits quite tightly, but when the bits are inside the screwdriver, they rattle. The head, which is resting in the arm, on the bearing, rotates very easily, almost like a spinner.

For at least some kind of bit strength test,I twirled a few screws with the nozzle of the pentalob, everything is OK, no changes, even the coating did not peel off, I think, if you don’t try to twist and tear the screws that are on the thread retainer, then the screwdriver will last for a long time, and if turned, you can buy the same screwdriver. It is clear that there is no miracle for a dollar and a half, but this type of screwdriver sits very comfortably in my hand, I have several smooth Baku screwdrivers, so they really slide in my hand when I twist T6 torxes on knives, and here the notch allows you to firmly hold the screwdriver in the hand. Verdict - you can buy, but remember that this is a cheap tool and it is better not to give strong loads.