Cheap EZ Audio D4 headphones

$ 7.99 on sale 11.11
Consider an inexpensive EZ Audio D4 headset. The sound was very good, and indeed, these headphones are configured in an interesting way, neutral sound in the budget segment is a rarity.
Dynamic emitter: one, 10 mm, titanium diaphragm

Resistance: 32 ohm
Frequency response range: 20-20000 Hz
Headphone sensitivity: 99dB
Microphone: yes
Color: purple / gray
Cases: metal
Hull structure:

Frequency response graph from the manufacturer:

The box on the road is slightly healed, in the corner is a link to the manufacturer's website.

Characteristics are listed on the back:

Inside a tight zippered case, branded. Included: Velcro, 2 pairs of nozzles of different sizes, carbine.
Inside the case there is a mesh pocket on one side.

Ear cushions with a wide bore diameter. Nozzles are soft, not the best in terms of noise insulation and convenience. I immediately changed them to the Sony Hybrid.
Overall plan:

Cable. From the plug to the splitter, the cable is in a special fabric braid. The wire of dubious quality, it is very thin, it gets confused and slightly remembers the form, generally did not cause confidence. If you sharply pull - most likely it is easy to tear. The microphone effect is weak, the 3.5 mm plug looks like this:

It is g-shaped and made of hard rubber, with a protective ledge at the bottom.
Next we reach the splitter, it is made of all the same material, but a little higher is the dubious headset unit.

There is a slider for height adjustment, he remembers the position.
The console is made of plastic, made in the form of a capsule. The microphone is not the highest quality, but it will go to communicate. To press the remote need to squeeze, and here friends are just hard. Double and triple clicks are absent; you can only pause playback and answer the call. The pressing itself is incomprehensible, the course of pressing is small, it is not always clear if the pressing worked at all. In general, the remote control is bad. It will hang on the right side and just below the chin.
In general, the cable is so-so, from the splitter to the shells themselves, he is already deprived of a fabric braid (silicone braid).
Shells are made cool, they are light and sit well in the ears.

The classical form of a keg, with an insert in the formring of plastic. There is a marking applied in white paint (L-R), the EZAUDIO company logo is printed on the back side, there is also one compensation hole, another one is located under the sound guide from below.

The sound system is closed with a metal mesh, and the lead wire is not flexible, it is rather hard.

The build quality of the headphones is high, the case is strong.
Noise insulation with nozzles from Sony - average. Landing in the ears - one of the most comfortable, sit great, due to its small form.

Case size: length 17 mm, diameter 13 mm in the thick part, sound guide: 5.5
Weighed did not, very light.

Headphones are neutral, perhaps even with an emphasis onHF and upper middle. Such a sound is actually rare, from similar models of the budget segment - I immediately recall Einsear T2, and I will compare it with them.
Lower bass unfortunately not available, there is not even a hint of lower bass. At Einsear T2, things are much better, the lower woofers they do not bulge, but not cut.
Low frequencies - the weak point of the headphones, well, heresome kind of hack-work, I would even say this - well, there is no real bass in these headphones. The bass is rather so blurry, there is no physicality in it. Einsear T2 is definitely better in this range.
But the average is nothing like that. The scene is medium in width, and in depth it can be said not at all. Not bad for this price detail, at the level of T2, a good resolution. Vocals sound natural, but flat, not enough volume. Yet T2 at mid frequencies sounds a little better.
But at the RF there is no gap, about one level. HF is slightly raised, of course they sound simplistic, but for its price - it's like be normal.
Total: For its price, normal headphones, and for the stock at a discount, so in general is beauty. As for some reviews (foreign reviewers), many of them write that the sound is more expensive than its value, as the comparison shows - unfortunately not.
Thanks for attention.