Cheap Baseus Encok-H04 headphones (headset) with good sound.

I do not have long headphones. Already accumulated a whole box of half-corpses, in which one channel stopped working.
The average life of the headphones I have about 3 months. True, there were also more tenacious specimens of a record more than half a year.
All of course depends on the frequency of use. I don’t know about you, but I listen to music every day, while I go to work, and on the way from work, and in general with almost any movements. This is a habit like that.

And my headphones live in my right back pocket injeans This is not the best place to store them. The Fifth Point, though soft enough, is usually not sitting on a wooden bench, but sometimes, if the headphones are not very well taped, they can be disassembled in the back pocket. But for this, I have already bought super glue)) But more often soft sealing gum, which has a very foolish name, fly away from them and I don’t dare to write because I will make at least three mistakes in it))
It turns out that my headphones have consumables. Once again, realizing that I didn’t have spare wired headphones anymore, I was useful to see what is interesting about Ali.
I chose not expensive, or rather to say, very cheap ones in the hope that their quality might be acceptable.
Delivery, packaging and appearance
Delivery is quite fast, reached a month. The seller gives the track number, which is tracked all the way, What for such a price is definitely a plus. The package is a usual bumpy bag in which there is a neat box with headphones.
About the box I want to say separately. The designer worked on it exactly. The design is not catchy, but the box seems that its contents are branded, expensive thing. The image of the headphones on the box is made with embossing i. relief
There are some stickers on the box. One sticker with the seal seems to be like an OTK, another one with a hologram, and a yellow sticker with a QR code is visible on the end, apparently for the warehouse.
Box photo

In general, if you need not an expensive gift, then theseHeadphones can only be taken for their design. In the box besides the headphones themselves, there are two more pairs of spare sealing rubber bands of small and large size. A trifle, but it's nice, considering that they are constantly lost, they will not be superfluous.
Additional technical information from the seller’s website

The wire at the headphones is round, it seemed to me thin. The material of the wire is similar to silicone, and it is conductive. Accidentally noticed this when the reason touched the screen of the phone, the screen began to blink merrily and twitch. Now there is no hard frost, but at minus three degrees Celsius the wire retains its elasticity. There is no smell either. The wire also has no tendency to tangle.
Aluminum headphone case, sound guide madeat an angle to the axis, perhaps this is the so-called anatomical shape. Due to this bend of the sound guide, the headphones can not be mixed up in places, and in their place they sit very comfortably and tightly enough. Sound insulation is very good.
I also liked the fact that there is a bump on the end of the earpiece))) very pleasant to the touch for the finger. Yeah, not only the bumps can be pleasant to the touch)))
And at this point in my story, I suddenlyI realized that it is not entirely correct to call these headphones as headphones, because they also have a microphone with a button, and it turns out that these are not headphones anymore, but a headset, and figs with it is not important.
The microphone seems to be quite sensitiveAt least, no one has yet complained that I was not heard well. There is only one button on them. Fast forward two times pressing works. Pressed confidently with a click.
The cable is slightly longer in length than indicated in the description, I measured about 130 cm. Of course I got such an instance, but for my small stature this is a plus.
The headphone plug is straight, not quite a standard shape, oval in its cross section. Due to the relief at the edges it turns out very snaggy.
Inside the sound guides there are metal grids.
In general, the headphones are made very high quality, rubber cams are installed at the outlet of the wire from the case.
There is not any burrs or burr.
Beautiful photos of headphones from the seller's site

Ugly photos of headphones made by me

In general, headphones as a box do not lookcheap, on the contrary, they look much more expensive, the designer has worked exactly on them as on the box. And not a girl designer, but a good practical designer. Why do I think so?
1. Ergonomic, anatomical shape of the sound guide. Plus, convenience, sound insulation and do not know what to call it. In general, do not fall out by themselves like many of their fellows.
2. Vpuklost on the end of the earpiece, allows you to accurately position inside the ear canal. And in general, it is very pleasant, comfortable.
3. Relief knurling on the back side of the earphone, gives better grip.
4. The ribbed, sticky shape of the plug is very convenient.
5. Metallographic grids at the output of sound managers, the quality of materials and workmanship, the feeling of a good thing.
I liked the thoughtful design of these headphones, I don’t know how durable the wire will be, but as I understand the thickness and shape of the wire doesn’t greatly affect the life of the headphones.
I became the record holder, if not strangely, the headphones from Xiaomi became, they lived only two weeks ((
Yes it was the cheapest headphones in the line fromXiaomi, with a flat wire, which as it seemed to me when ordering will be very reliable ((And it was the original headphones. Just a marriage is common to all, and Xiaomi unfortunately is no exception.
About sound
No matter how beautiful and comfortable the headphones are, of course, the main thing is not this, much more important how they sound.
And here you can again need to look at the price. How can headphones sound at the price of a business lunch, I took them for 191.04 rubles?
I did not expect anything from them for such money, but I still hoped for the best. And hope did not deceive me))
Let's start with the volume, they are very loud, I want to remove it as quickly as possible at full volume. Volume reserve is good.
Apparently now the fashion for bass, because in theseHeadphones blocking frequency response in the direction of low frequencies. And this obstruction has already been read from the middle. A colleague accurately put it, calling the headphone sound like a bub. There are more mid-low frequencies than necessary, and it is necessary to reduce them, otherwise one cannot get away from this bubnezha, one cannot do without an equalizer or presets, this is a minus. But the very bottom, a barrel, you can slightly raise
There are medium and high frequencies too, in my opinion there is a bit of a middle in the middle, and high enough is enough, for a young ear they will probably even have a lot.
The overall impression of the sound on the zero EQ spoils the above described bubnezh, the picture is blurry, but if you play around with the EQ, you can get a good result.
After the frequency correction is revealed, it becomes pleasant to listen to them, many nuances of performance and instruments that I did not notice before become audible.
Of course, there is no such transparency of sound as in expensive models, but they can definitely press and compete with many headphones for $ 10-30.
  • Excellent polygraphy and box design. The headphone image on the box is embossed, embossed.
  • Good quality materials, aluminum body silicone wire
  • The thoughtful design of headphones, very comfortable and tenaciously sit in your ears.
  • Good sound insulation from the outside world.
  • Large volume reserve
  • The sound field of a small frequency correction becomes very juicy and interesting.
  • A lot of bass


  • The direct shape of the headphone plug. (nagging)
  • The microphone with the button might be a little higher. (nagging)
  • The frequency response of the frequency response in the region of medium-low frequencies of 400-600 Hz, a lot of them and the sound is smeared.
  • A lot of bass

Headphones at the expense of beautiful packaging, and thoughtful design can be safely recommended as an inexpensive gift option that is definitely not superfluous.
I think the price-quality ratio is very good. They play, just as good as QKZ headphones and other manufacturers for a much higher price.
The sound after a small correction in the equalizer becomes rich, with its own twist.
Headphones have a very large headroom.
Can I recommend them for purchase? Of course, yes, moreover, I will definitely order them myself, about five pieces minimum)) They will disperse quickly. Children always ask me for headphones)) And then there are 4 more colors to choose from.
I'm pleased with the purchase. This is perhaps the best of the cheap headphones that I came across.
The sound quality will compete with headphones that are several times more expensive.
Yes, the number of orders is more than 50,000 and customer ratings confirm the good quality of these not expensive, but interesting headphones.
You can even buy them as spare headphones, if your favorite headphones are lost or broken. The price is quite funny.
But to buy very cheap headphones on Ali50-150 rubles are definitely not worth it, I bought several pieces to see, the sound quality of all turned out to be so low that it is even disgusting to listen and no equalizers can make them any better.
Yandex offered to buy these headphones here))
Thank you, if you have read to the end))
Useful tips

you can see how you need to wind the wire with eights. And in fact, nothing more needs to be done, unless of course you plan to fold the headphones for storage. I make it even easier, I take the headphones, I pinch them between the thumb and index finger and wind the eight to the end of the wire on a goat with two fingers, index finger and little finger. Then I put everything in my pocket. On twisting I spend 5 seconds. And on disentangling I spend 2 seconds))
Note The time of getting the headphones from the ears and the time of putting them in your pocket did not take into account)
And perhaps useful information on how to repair the headphones. But this is only for those who have the right hands and good vision.

At this I say goodbye to you.
I wish you good mood, keen sight, keen hearing and good appetite.