Dynamic headphones with a single emitter - KZ ZS3E

Good day. My small and quick review is dedicated to KZ ZS3E headphones. Recently, the office “knowledge zenith” has released many different models. Basically, they produced hybrid models that combined a dynamic and reinforcing emitter, and we can still recall purely reinforcing headphones. And so, KZ ZS3E appeared not so long ago, they are notable for the fact that under the plastic case there is a hidden 8 mm dynamic emitter. Yes, these are purely single-driver-dynamic headphones, which is what attracted me to them (inexpensive hybrids from KZ basically cut off the rumor), but here is something new. Headphones were ordered at the request of a friend who asked me to buy cheap headphones up to $ 10 (he would listen in the gym, on the street), plus I myself wanted to listen to everything, and in one order I killed two birds at once.

The emitter is in a plastic chamber:

Features: Headphone Type: Dynamic
1 dynamic radiator: 8mm
Frequency range: 10 - 20KHz
Sensitivity: 98 dB
Impedance: 18 ohms
Cable: braided, removable: 1.2 m, 2pin, 0.75 mm, silver plated.
Enclosures: plastic
Color: red
Price tag: $ 9 (version without microphone)
The box is standard, all budget KZ headphones are supplied in such a box.

On the back we will find technical specifications.


Under the dust jacket is a familiar picture, cases on a black backing under which all the equipment is hidden.

Included in delivery:
- cable 2pin
warranty card

Standard notches, two types (small and large)

To be honest, I did not like the cable. Before the divider, it is braided, but after already in some kind of incomprehensible braid. He is constantly confused (too thin), and does not inspire confidence.

Standard splitter, g-shaped plug.

Zaushina is formed by heat shrinkage, inside of which a metal rod is installed (remembers the form).

Each plug has a channel designation, each plug has a special cut for connecting to the earphone (there is a special recess in the cases).

2pin plugs are labeled, the socket includes enoughtight, sit down deep. Such jokes as in ZSA (in my copy the sound disappeared, if you turn, tilt your head) did not notice, the connection is reliable.
Of course, you can attach a wireless bluetooth module 2pin, purchase separately.
What I did not like (I will repeat, since I already mentioned these shortcomings in the KZ ZS4 review).
1. Slippery and huge body, which constantly fly out of the ears.
2. The ear is too hard, the wire is out of place, under the pressure of the rod, the headphones change their position in the ears and eventually fly out.
3. Poor insulation.
Cases are slippery, plastic. The seams are slightly sharp, mostly on the inside (near the compensation hole).

The sound system is black, there is an insert in the form of a metal grid. Its diameter is 5.3 millimeters (this is what my caliper shows).

They are marked of course:

2Pin jack is reliable (at least thanks to that), the mount is good.

Also there is the application of "Hi-Fi KZ ZS3E".
More details on the buildings here: redlightgreen.org/blog/aliexpress/66405.html (review ZS4)
They are exactly the same; in that review I compared them withother headphones, pondering about landing. If you read too lazy, I will say briefly - I will put these shells in last place for the convenience of landing, comfort, and so on.
No comments:
Additional Information

Honestly, the expectations were not justified. I expected to hear something like a KZ ZSN, with a softer sound and with no peaks on HF. There are really no peaks here (of course, the high ones are slightly noticeable, but no more). But in the rest of the headphones controversial, suffers detail, stage, vocals. The middle one is slightly relegated to the background, the emphasis is on the low and the high frequencies. The bass is not the fastest, the attenuation is somewhat stretched in time. The middle is smoothed, the high frequencies are very mediocre. There are questions to the scene, the scene is very strange, it is not real ... I encountered this problem not so long ago (I recall the Senf DT6 hybrids). If to describe in simple words - the instruments sound strange, as if they are out of place. There is no width here, the scene is narrow and implausible. Well, the vocals are also slightly retracted and transmitted somehow strangely. Conclusion: these headphones were purchased using a coupon, for $ 5. In this case, the purchase is justified, but if you have a budget of $ 10-15, then there is definitely no point, since KZ ZS4, ZSA, ZSN - sounds more interesting. In general, I handed them over to a friend of course, but in addition I also presented KZ AS06 (which I liked by the way), he was shocked by how they sound (and they are much better in their ears). I have these three AS06 three boxes, so I decided to make it fit.
The result is clear, the sound is so-so, I expected more.
As for comparisons with the ZS3, unfortunately they did not listen. In the updated version, we get a new cable, but by the sound - I have no idea.
Thanks for attention.