Enerpower - German Li-Ion batteries based on Sanyo cells with PCB.

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For a long time I could not imagine buying a battery in the price of a good budget lantern. In fact, you can grab a good P60 format flashlight on XML, for a lower price with free shipping.
But everything has a reasonable argument.

Here is an example of a trinity that is in rotation.bicycle lights in my family. There are still red Sanyo 2400 unprotected, but I have them quite recently and the impressions are not at all bright - I think fake. Did not include in the review.
A little lyrical digression.

Type of batteries on the other hand:

Now more in detail about the participants.
The top one is a review hero from the Netherlands.
Medium - UltraFire (“Ultra Fire”, aha) thisThe cheapest type of rechargeable batteries found in Chinese online store. They are the cheapest and are sold in sets of 2 or 4 pieces. Order constantly and hard. Friends who ask to bring a flashlight cheaper, also very much insist on the cheapest batteries. They usually arrive always in thermofilm. It is not uncommon when there are dents on the body of the element. Instead of PCB (protection board), there is just a textolite patch. According to my personal statistics, of the ordered, for example, 20 pieces, half (10) come unsuitable, most of the suitable batteries (6 pieces, for example) have a capacity unusable (up to 500 mAh), the remainder have a scatter capacity from 870 mAh to 1700 mAh. In rare cases, the capacity reaches 2Ah.
Blue batteries tend to die unexpectedly. Not gradually, but sharply. Discharged - not charged.
The third representative is the “people's” Trustfire 2400 Flames (fire lighting), which has an almost honest declared capacity, and is priced at $ 10 per pair with delivery.
I have statistics on this type of battery.
Almost all batteries have a capacity close to that stated. 2340, 2160, 2410, 1890, 2230, 2399 mAh - this is an example of a batch of 6 pieces.
I haven't met the dead (five dozen akk passed througharms). Dying from high discharge currents. in the DRY flashlight, frying 3 XML diodes of 5 Amperes for each, ditched 3 acca for quite a month of intensive use.
Death also has no prerequisites. Just one time they stop taking charge. Or dumped to a capacity of 2-3 mAh. With prolonged and intensive use, the beautiful skin peels off and the PCB begins to dangle on the conductor tape.
The charge is taken at different speeds, relative to capacity. The most brake ones are Ultrafogs, then LittersTrust, and Shustrik Enerpower)))

I asked Arjan with nkon.nl to measure the remaining batteries from its retail on iMAX B6. He sent me the following graphics:

Energower 3100 had a problem with contact at the beginning of the discharge. Here's a better picture.
Now about consumer issues.
1. Blue batteries have a high level of self-discharge. We lay down in a backpack for a week, the fields were leaked into the air. They often die, half of those who come are always dead.
2. The trustfires did not prove to be mega-reliable. Taking a hike 2 pieces you can stay with 1, and then without batteries in general.
3. Eenrpauer is quite an expensive item. I did not exploit it long enough to draw conclusions about durability, but the battery outperforms its competitors in all characteristics.
If we take the discharge current, then only Enerpower does notit shuts up and does not lose much in capacity when a large current is drained into a powerful flashlight. Almost does not heat at currents greater than 4A. With a very, very intensive daily operation of 2 passes per day, I almost did not lose capacity (it was 2630 mAh, after about 80 cycles the capacity is 2570 mAh).
Appearance preserved as is.
4. Enerpower - the thickest element of all tested, Trastfire is the thinnest, in order to avoid backlash and bounce, wrapped in a layer of electrical tape.
5. By weight by eye (there are no exact scales at the moment) Enerpower is the heaviest element, the lightest is Ultrafire. And this difference is palpable just with your hands.
6. Some blue-light Ultrafire lanterns do not start at all.
UPDATE: This review of batteries, where you can get a ton of information.