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Hi Hi. Lantern from the already well-known company Sofirn. This lamp is also known as BLF Q8, which was performed by ThorFire, which in turn sharpens its lights on the Sofirn machine. Here is such a simple scheme. But in sofirn’e they realized that it was not worthwhile to have a smart lantern sharpen))) and changing a couple of details, he came out, Sofirn Q8. There will be an opinion, photos, some measurements and analysis ...

Let's go ©
The differences between the "original" and data - replacement of LEDs with XPL HD (5000k) to XPL HI (6500k) and removed on the battery compartment of the site.
For whom this lamp - who wants for the price of the lamp to get the maximum amount of exhaust. In the case of direct hands - the possibility of increasing the brightness (replacement of LEDs, driver components).
Who does not want to read, watch, who knows everything and knows how, the pros and cons at once:
- A lot of light.
- sooooo much light.
- With all its flooding, it came out very long-range.
- flexible in the settings firmware narsil v. 1.0 (although there is already a more recent 1.2)
- able to work even when the batteries are not fully loaded (from 1 to 4 pcs)
- Steel bezel with teeth. Less scratches and visible, on or off, even standing face down.
- Fully collapsible. Also what parts are available for sale separately.
- Glowing button beacon indicator.
- Replacing the LEDs for colder ones (but I want to note that this did not spoil the light much ... The color is white, just white. Without blockages in any direction).
- Glass without enlightenment (loss of a couple hundred lumens).
- (Need to check) With a wild warming he shoved undercold water stream. Cool. Evening dabbled with the settings - the next day, having untwisted to replace the ack, I saw the presence of water in the bat.otsek, on the driver on both sides. Just as much condensate poured out, just a jet pierced the sealing ring, little tightness of roofing (although in the reviews it was dipped into a small amount of standing water) ...
- Flashlight is not for everyone. It is bulky, heavy ... It hardly breaks into the pocket of a winter jacket, not to mention jeans, windbreakers, etc.
- Missing strap / strap hole. There is a thread in which you can turn the eyebolt, it is even ordered, but it will not be shown, the PR works as always)) But nothing, we will wait.
So, a review plan:
- Specifications
- Packaging, equipment
- Inspection of the lantern, comparison
- Analysis of the lantern
- Management
- Current consumption
- Stenoshhota and forays into the terrain
Specifications (from the description of the lot)
• Color temperature: 6000–6500 K (white)
• Power Type: 1-4 * 18650
• Dimensions: 132 mm (length) × 50 mm (diameter) × 59 mm (head)
• Weight: 400 g (without battery)
• Memory modes: yes (customizable).
• Control modes: preset or ramping mode.
• Smooth reflector
• Made from aerospace aluminum alloy class 6061, using type III anodizing. As a result, the lantern is distinguished by a solid body, protection from damage and better heat transfer.
• High throughput glass (without clarification)
• Waterproof class: IPX8
• Mechanical protection against improper battery installation.
Packaging, equipment Gray box, severalsealing rings, a spare button, a bag of silica gel, an instruction in English (even if you know it, you can figure out how to set up a flashlight) and a small card asking about your spiritual happiness when you get a flashlight ...

Instructions closer

Inspection lantern comparison
The maximum size of the flashlight for my little feet)

And this is what was at hand. 18650, Astrolux S41, Sofirn Q8, Fitorch P26R

The head has excellent finning, which has a beneficial effect on the heat sink. There is also a tripod / bolt / suspension thread, etc.

The button is soft, with a clear click. Has the function of a beacon, glows green.

Front - steel bezel, glass withoutenlightenment, smooth reflector and in the depth - four XPL HI LEDs, i.e. without primary optics (lenses) ... What does it give? The range of the glow is higher, the angle of the glow is smaller.

The photo is not mine, taken from the BLF forum (I hope the author will not be offended ... and he hardly reads it to here, because he doesn't understand Russian: D)
Actually, a comparison of the lamp with yourself))) The difference in the longitudinal grooves in the battery compartment and the color of the light (well, the width of the beam)

Flashlight analysis
X-ray photo O_o

With the analysis of the problems have arisen. Everything is spun by hand, or a small Phillips screwdriver.
Turn off the bezel, shake out the glass. Turn off a couple of bolts on the driver. And all))

Under the driver there are three more bolts - mediumCoagulates the copper substrate with a reflector, and the two extreme - attracts the reflector to the body)) The shelf, on which the star lies, is about 5 mm thick. Powerful lantern - a good heat sink.

The substrate with a direct heat sink, thickness 2 mm. Under the star in abundance of thermal paste. Everything that is superfluous is squeezed out by being pulled with bolts.

The reflector is metal. It can be bought separately in the downhill store.

The driver is direct drive, mosfet + 1 * 7135 (i.e. stabilization only at 3% brightness), fries as batteries allow. As the discharge - the brightness will decrease. Fiction forumchan-fans of flashlights BLF. Firmware - from the same ... Version of the flooded firmware 1.0. With a certain skill - you can reflash.
Wires are thick, match for currents ... AWG18.

The battery compartment is designed as a tube, one part of which is screwed into the head, and the lid is screwed to the other end, and under it is hidden a separate board with springs (double springs)

Brief firmware features

The lamp has 12 mode lines and dimming (smooth change of brightness).
Once I chose the optimal modes for myself - and use it.
In dimming mode - short click - on / offat the memorized brightness, hold — increase or decrease the brightness, turn on hold — turn on with the lowest brightness. Double click - turbo. Three clicks - akkov voltage reading (if you double-click again - the lamp temperature will be shown).
In the mode of fixed brightness - short click -on from the brightness that is set (minimum, maximum, from the memorized brightness), a short click - increase the brightness, a long click - decrease the brightness ... If you shine for more than two seconds in a certain mode, the lamp turns off by a short click. When searching for brightness - off-min-medium-bright-off.
Temperature control is correct (measured when heated in turbo mode is the same), battery voltage monitoring is accurate (with battery voltage of 3.82-3.86, the flashlight shows 3 and 8 minutes)

A crib that fits easily under the tail cover

To describe in words how it all works is difficult, andwho does not have a flashlight on his hands - probably meaningless. But if someone has a desire, or a flashlight on his hands and it is not clear what to do with him - write to the PM, I will. I myself understood these English manuscripts for about an hour)
Heating and current consumption
Caution with disabling thermal control or stepdown! This is a very hot flashlight. Lovers fry turbo - be sure to have leggings)
Measure the temperature in the turbo after 5 and 10 minutes.
After 5 minutes:
- outside the head - 66 * s,
- driver stopped - 70 * s
After 10 minutes:
- outside the head - 84 * s, tail - 65 * s;
- driver - 86 * s;
- battery temperature - 59.5 * s.
Current consumption (Measurements made usinguni-t 890c + ... The probes were replaced with pieces of wires, because the stock probes exactly seem to have currents up to 5-6A, then they lie strongly) ... The batteries were taken Sofirn 3000 mAh. Why such a fucking choice? The fact is that the Samsung 30Q with my pip-book ordered by me was lost in the warehouses of the courier service of the SDEC ... We are waiting ...
In the off state, with the included beacon in the button: 0.11 mA
Dimming mode: min - 4.3 mA \ 5 mA
in the maximum brightness - an over lot, stopped measuring the combustion of the fuse inside the multimeter. The second measurement showed about going beyond the limits of measurement (in my case more than 20A).
In the fixed brightness, 7 mode was taken (7 levels of brightness, 0.18-0.7-1.8-3-29-56-100%), batteries 4xSofirn, voltage 4.2V.
0.18% - 22 mA
0.7% - 78 mA
1.8% - 203 mA
3% - 360 mA
29% - 1.17 A
56% - 2.55 A (it is not clear why such a small current).
100% - more than 20A.
Were also measured consumption currents from one battery in maximum brightness (voltage 4.1-4.2 V) - Sofirn 3000 - 6.5A, vtc6 - 8.7A, GA - 7.3A, Sofirn 21700 - 9.4A, LiitoKala 26650 - 9.2A.
Stenoshhota and forays into the terrain
The terrain plan, with a measured distance.

Photo from left to right:

The distance to the garage is about 12 meters, I chose a mode with 7 brightness levels (the first ones were out of focus and with overexposure, I tried to do the same, but the camera behaved like a very bad soap dish).

Side illumination. For all its long range, has a powerful side flare.

Photo for comparison with the lamp Fitorch P26R:

Luxometer I bought myself a useful device - a luxometer with bluetooth. What to do with it, I have not figured it out yet, but the joke is kind)))

Made a measurement of the meter from the meter by the lantern - it came out 91k lux). In the original BLF Q8, this figure is about 59-60k.
What can be done, what would the exhaust from the lamp be? And here are some tips that can be done with a lamp, if you have a soldering iron, direct hands and the ability to order goods from various stores.
1) Use only high current,high-quality batteries. Since the lantern shines “for everything”, then the current output should not be the narrowest point. Use only batteries with a button, because with a flat plus there is a chance that one of the accs will simply not be involved (for example, samsung 30Q, sony VTC5, VTC6, LG hg2).
2) Change the glass. The fact is that in the base the lantern is completed with glass without enlightenment. Tyts, kaidomain sells glass with enlightenment. Total increase of about 150 lumens.
3) Circle the springs in the tail. Although used double, but they are steel. An increase of about 300 lumens.
Can so

4) Change the screws. People change to brass - they write about the increase in brightness (about 100 lumens).
5) Change the mosfet on the driver.
6) Change the LEDs. The increase from hundreds to several thousand, depending on the choice.
7) Replacing the wires from the driver to the LEDs (in stock - 18 AWG to 16 AWG).
And again, the result: a lantern fries all your money. I do not regret paying his part, it is worth it. If you need a powerful, long-lasting flashlight with extremely flexible brightness modes and its size and weight are not very important - you definitely need this flashlight! According to him was recently gruppby, sold quite inexpensive. If you want to - write to the drug, I think I can beg a decent price)
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