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Everyone who knows about the purpose of this device,they know that there are situations when without him - like without hands. I always had a good multimeter ... but a working one. Somehow I did not think that it would be nice to get hold of at home. But here changing the place of work, I parted with the device. And I realized that I need to buy something. Going through the shops, I saw very indecent prices for consumer goods, not to mention the "firm". And I decided to turn to the old grandfather's modern method of shopping! What happened - I ask under the cat!

There were several criteria:
1. The price should not be very high (around 300rub ± ... that is, about 10 bucks).
2. Should measure voltages, currents, resistance, sometimes - capacitance, and must also have a squeaker. The presence of temperature measurement is not required.
3. Big screen (I don't like small ones)
4. MANDATORY in the yellow rubber frame)))) for the habit of the old work remained (nostalgia)
5. Thin "sting" probes.
Because the device will not be used very often, but not only at home during soldering or something else, but also in the car if necessary - it means it must be properly made (well, at least by some means).
After a lot of yawing around the Chinese HH, Ali, etc. This device was selected on Ali. After my last adventure with a power bank at that moment, I somehow did not want to order anything on dx (though they were corrected right before NG and sent a replacement ... we are waiting, s).
Seller's rating is over 98 percent with more,than 2200 sales. A lot of positive feedback from the Russians. The device itself measures everything that I need, except for temperature (but this is not critical for me). In general, paid the order on November 12. The parcel was sent already 13. from November 16, hung on the export and hung a month:

The seller is sociable. I wondered why so long, he assured that everything will be in order. And 5 days after the assurance, the package was imported!
Since the post office is very specific in terms of parcel delivery, I always check the contents in the mail. And this package also had a package incision. So I made the packaging photos at home:

When buying, I asked him to make a "strong pack" ... They did it, but he barely pulled out the cherished box from there:

As you can see the box without grace, neither color nor modelnot marked on it. The kit does not include a battery type "krone". The box is also convenient for storage and dragging with itself in the car. Took, brought, opened, measured, put, carried away)))
In the box there is an instruction in English. Ochepyatki there, but not critical

Now about the tester itself. Key features with a measurement limit:
1. The voltage is constant: 200mV - 1000V
2. variable: 200mV - 750V
3. Constant current: 2mA - 20A
4. variable: 20mA - 20A
5. Resistance: 200 Ohm - 2000 MΩ
6. Capacity: 200µF - 2nF
7. The function of the tweeter is
8. Check transistors - have
9. Hold button for “remembering” readings - is.
10. Auto power off is there, but does not work if the “dial” mode is selected.
Multimeter photo

Now about the features:
As already mentioned, a crown battery is not included in the package, so I had to stomp it to the store. Not scary.
Wires, on the one hand, are rather short on mya glance (74cm) is not convenient to take measurements on a littered table, but, on the other hand, it is “an amateur” because less will be confused. I also note that the wires are thin (well, it will be scary to me to stick them in the declared 20A
If you believe the inscriptions on the device, then there is a fuse up to 0.2A. on 20А - measurements without safety lock. Measurement 20A maximum up to 15 seconds.
Screen. This is a feature of this multimeter! He slightly turned to the "viewer". Very convenient, because readings are visible perfectly in any position, except the top of the battery)))
The sound of a tweeter at the first moment of a squeak is slightly hoarse, but this immediately passes.
Switch clicks confidently.
Already measured the voltage in the network and compared withanother (arrow Soviet in a metal suitcase) tester. Indications of norms. I managed to measure a constant voltage - it shows exactly. Resistors of different ratings were also measured - from 1 to 2.2 kΩ, incl. mtshki. Pomer everything.
Housing Plastic is good, does not stink, not cheap. There are practically no burrs on the body itself, only where the leg of the stand is attached - there is one small one, but it doesn’t bother me, and I don’t see it at all. The yellow rubber shell on the case is attached with protrusions into the slots in the case. On the shell itself there are a couple of burrs. But the view does not spoil, do not interfere. The casing is not loose. Need to remove to replace the battery.
Now summary:
- price
- can measure a lot of everything
- the sharp ends of the probes (what I lacked on an expensive working multimeter)
- Large and rotated screen
- Not very long and thinish wires (for me it does not matter)
- Lack of batteries included
- Does not measure the temperature (I do not care)
- no fuse 20A
Total. I definitely recommend for those who need a completely excellent multimeter not for everyday 8-hour work, but from time to time at home on the farm and in the car. The screen is large, conveniently located. In use, the tester is convenient, measurements are accurate. In general, thank you all for reading to the end.
The results of measurements of the voltage in the airborne network on the machine in the frost somewhere in the -7
20V mode: 13.59V-13.6V
200V mode: 13.3V
I stuck into the battery:
20B: 14.1-14.2
200V: 13.7
Hands are frozen, there is no tester. But I think he will not be able to work for hours in the cold.