Inverter Tellunow 12 → 220 V in auto 500 W

Today we consider a low-power inverter for the car. We transform 12 V DC from a car to "home" 220 V AC.
Immediately I note that the device is small and low-power (as stated by the manufacturer 500 W). Possible usage scenarios:

Razor, laptop, TV, all kinds of charging and stuff like that.

The device comes in a small box with printing:

The pictograms indicate various protection and capabilities of the product.

  • From undervoltage
  • From high input voltage
  • Short circuit
  • Overload
  • From overheating
  • From polarity reversal


Inside did without additional packaging material:

Cables behind a cardboard partition.
Kit weight:

This is due to the price, send the parcel to the world in a kilogram is not cheap.

  • Inverter
  • 35 cm long crocodile cables
  • Cigarette lighter cable 30 cm long
  • Adapter adapter for various types of network plugs
  • Instructions in English

Typical papers:

Adapter for different types of network plugs:

Useful thing, at home a lot of devices with flat forks and even on a trip will always come in handy.
Cables personify the expression "the economy must be economical":

Copper foil crocodiles.

Section 4 square. mm
In the cigarette lighter:

Fuse in the plug is missing. Section 2 square. mm It is understandable, in the "cigarette lighter" is usually a limit of 120 watts.
We got to the appearance of the inverter itself:

It is made in a rectangular aluminum extruded body. Painted in black. The walls are thin, economical.
Output end:

There is an EU 220 V socket with “curtains” in the holes (there is a version with two 110 V sockets) and a pair of USB 2.1 A ports. A two-color LED indicates the operation, just here.
Entrance end:

Two non-magnetic terminals (M8) for connection to the car battery. The forced active cooling fan is visible. Well, the switch, where do without it.
Body dimensions:

175x95x55 mm.
The inner world of the device is beautiful in its modesty:

Fee closer:

There is a little buzzer.
Low-voltage mosfets and high-voltage switches:

Installation "tap-loop".
There are fuses:

USB port board:

Functional check from regulated BP 5 A:

Output voltage is within the stated + - 10%. The claimed efficiency is 85%. Protection against short circuits and pereplyusovki works.
The device operates in the range of 10-16 V:

USB port is not bad:

When both ports are working - then the output is 2 A.
Lamp to check:

The device beeps when working. The fan turns on properly, the case is not hot.
Check the battery of the car:

Works, at the same time from the network consumes grinding machine 330 W:

It makes no sense to connect a more powerful power tool, the inverter will go into protection. 300 W pulls and well, more for low-power devices and not necessary (to charge the laptop and watch the telly just enough).
For a sweet look at the output signal of 220 V:

Such a modified sine is the expected meander:

Now we come to the main point: does an ordinary motorist need him (home-work-dacha with mother-in-law on weekends)? More likely no than yes. Tourists, travelers probably need a more powerful model.
Thank you for watching. Enjoy the shopping!