Tire tread gauge

Mini-review for a very inexpensive, but quite useful tool for express measuring the tread depth of tires. The thing is quite worthy to take its small place in the “first-aid kit” of the motorist.
Every motorist knows that if you followhis car, occasionally doing some simple checks and measurements of the available characteristics (fluid levels, tightening bolts, etc.), then, usually, the car will serve its owner faithfully for many years. The same applies to car tires, you need to monitor their condition, at least a couple of times a year, with a “pereobuvki”, checking the integrity of the rubber, the presence of foreign objects, cracks, hernias and tread depth, especially if the rubber is well resembled.

Naturally, if the rubber is “bald”, then it’s obvious that it’s urgent to carry it to the garbage:

But where is the edge when the tire can still be exploited?

There are “embedded” indicators on the surface of tires, for example, bulging protrusions:

Or more advanced - digital. The numbers are erased by wear in descending order:

The easiest, but not the most reliable, waymeasure the depth of the projector 10 penny coin. If you put it into the projector, look at the side and only the bezel is closed - the rubber is to be ejected; if the ornament closes - more or less:

But, IMHO, it is better to have something like a review thing - the pocket will not be delayed, and peace will add

The meter is quite small:

On the front side, a plate with a probe moves along the guides, and a marking is applied on both sides indicating the minimum recommended tread depth:

Made of durable, non-bending plastic:

The size corresponds to:

Well, actually the measurement itself, no difficulties, of course, for accuracy it is necessary that the protector be clean:

Of course, the thing is not the basic necessities of a motorist's tools ... but let it be :), you can even hang it somewhere on a string or chain, there is a corresponding hole:

That's all.
All good.