Echo Sounder LUCKY FF718D

Good day. I present a short review of the echo sounder of the brand LUCKY, model FF718D. Under the cut equipment, functionality, disassembly and small application tests.
The device comes in a box with high-quality printing. Inscriptions in English and Russian.

The echo sounder and all components are packed in a plastic form.

Brand: LUCKY
Sonar frequency: 20 degrees: 200 kHz and 60 degrees: 83 kHz
Detection range: 0.6-183 m
Power Source: 4xAAA
Operating temperature: -10 ° C to 50 ° C
Display: 5.5 cm diagonal
On the front side there is a display and only three buttons: on (menu) and two for navigation.

On the sides textured pads.

Corner corners smoothed. Battery compartment on 4xAAA.

At the top of the case, the socket for connecting the sensor.

Also included plastic fasteners on the boat with a bolt + nut-lamb. And the strap.

Cylindrical sensor with eyelets and a float, on a 7.5 meter cable.

User's Manual.
The instruction is detailed and fairly well translated. You can not say about the quality of my shooting.

The device is easy to use and configure. Turn on, long hold the menu button. Another click - go to the menu. Navigation through which the side buttons.
Sounder can be used almost out of the box. By installing the Russian language, meters and degrees Celsius. And after, gradually set the settings to fit your needs. Set the scale or measure of the fish display.

In working condition, the display shows the depth, battery indicator, sensitivity level, bottom relief, fish images (if any), water temperature, scale.

Lining glued.

In the case there is a rubber seal.

The first tests carried out when fishing from the shore. The sensor is moved to the water or with a rod (kolkhozing Style) or abandoned.

The wire immediately sinks, twisting and pulling the sensor towards the shore.

And every little bit serious fish passes this strange construction ...

At that time I was trying to catch an artificial moth with aliexpress. And even though it smelled delicious, the performance was degradingly small. Classic maggot is better.

The only catch is the indefinite species of harophytes.

In another location

Fish dream ... cat

Still, the issue of using a wired echo sounder withleave the coast open. Too little time spent studying the issue. It can be used with floats, but in a stationary, top-fed place, or from a pier.
Zaprygivaem in the boat (folk punt) and go plowing back streets of old ladies.

We uncover the echo sounder. And lo and behold! It is quite another matter. You can clearly see the fish, the bottom relief.

And finally, an example of a good catch next to the echo sounder.

Findings. The device is interesting and useful. And in terms of the study of the reservoir, and in terms of assessing the fish resource. When using from a boat or from ice, I give a rating of 5 out of 5. From the shore, it is better to use wireless.
Thank you for your attention and good catches!