How to get a screwdriver in difficult places. Uklovert, extender for bits with a clamp and flexible shaft. And of course disassembly.

Let's disperse how you can get a screwdriver or a screwdriver in remote places.
Sometimes screws and bolts are in places that are difficult to crawl over. There are screwdrivers with a swivel head, ratchets and other devices to solve such problems.

Such a problem is not often, but somehow it needs to be addressed. By this, I bought something that is simpler and cheaper.
So, the first flexible shaft. Plastic flexible casing and cable inside, at the end and beginning of 6.35 hexagons for bits.

Some kind of power loads are beyond his power, but he can completely unscrew something light.
For example, the fastening screws of the trim in the car door are not very conveniently located;

A flexible shaft copes with this task.

But the screw in the plastic, he can not break. To break the screw, you can use the angler.

Or L-shaped key from this review.

In principle, it is possible to tear off and unscrew the screws on the casing with an anglecover.
The side clearance of the angler is less than that of the flexibleshaft, but the shaft can crawl into some kind of bottlenecks, the angle of rotation can be any up to 180 degrees, and at the angler it is fixed. I wear them both, they complement each other.

Through the angler you can, for example, screw the self-tapping screw 4.2 with a press washer into a thin sheet metal. Big tasks are difficult for him.

From such works he had a slight backlash, but nevertheless it still works.

The only thing is, if I took it now, I would take the longer version with the holder - the tail. It is difficult to hold on to such a small gearbox and put pressure on it when tightening the screws.
Well, another joke that helps me twist the screws and screws is an extension cord with fixing bits.
I took a short one, but there are versions of different lengths.
In the angler and flexible shaft, the bits are fixed.a magnet, that feels good. But sometimes the bit gets stuck in the screw and, when you pull the screwdriver on yourself, the bit remains in the slot of the screw. And then it often falls, when working at height, it causes some problems, especially when you hang the floor at 15 and the bit falls somewhere down ...
This extension rigidly fixes the bits, its black “skirt” is pulled back and the bit is inserted.

The bit is fixed by a stopper that retracts when you press the skirt.

It is for this fixation on the bits that there are special slots or grooves.

That is, if a bit is inserted into such a holder, then you can be sure that it will remain in it and not fall out, stuck in the screw.
And one more plus of holders of this type is that they allow you to hold the “skirt” while you twist the screw.
If the screw is long then when drillingholes he all wants to fall on its side. And with this joke, you can turn the screwdriver and hold the axle by the holder, the "skirt" turns freely. This prevents the screw from falling to the side.
Well, let's see what's inside these adapters. I did not manage to disassemble the straight extension cord.
Flexible shaft - just cut off with a stationery knifeexternal plastic. Inside the spring and cable. The cable at the edges is pressed into the holders. Typical failure - if too much force is applied, the cable jumps out of the holder. In my repair is not advisable at this price. Although probably possible.

Uklovert - two bearings are pressed on from two sides. The lock ring is visible. As I did not try, I could not take it off.

The most I could do was remove the side bearing washer and look at the balls and the plastic white separator. It seems that the bearing is single row.

In general, a tool for the home master orrare use, but when you have to use it, you think “And what would I do without it”. Sometimes it significantly speeds up the work. For frequent and professional use there are other tools with the same functionality but better quality, while there is a completely different price.