How to find dead batteries, or review tester BT168

Overview of an old friend. Reviews of such battery testers have already been. I decided to post it for two reasons: firstly, despite the identical appearance, the insides from instance to instance are different. Whether the Chinese change the design with time, or rivet under the same name in different basements. Well, and secondly, the thing can be useful to someone.

Video, as usual, at the bottom of the page.
The tester allows you to measure the voltage of the batteries andbatteries of several sizes and to determine if the battery is low or still normal. For this you need any voltmeter (multimeter). Tester is, in general, an extremely simplified specialized voltmeter, although there is one important plus, it measures under load, which improves accuracy. Plus the fact that I need to get the multimeter, connect the wires, while the wife does not know how to use it at all. And even a child can use the tester, it does not take up much space and lies in the drawer of the table, from where it can be taken at any time and immediately removed.

Well, the need to test the batteries with usthere is probably, like all parents, because of the abundance of electric toys. Each toy is usually 3-4 batteries. And it often happens that a child suddenly demands that you turn on a certain toy, it does not turn on, because the batteries have fallen down, and feverish searches for "live" batteries begin. The problem is that the batteries are not always the same and all at once discharged. Often, out of 4 batteries, only one is dead. How to sort suitable and unsuitable? This is where the tester comes in handy.

I have met many reviews of different testers, goodChinese release them in a variety of options. For an order I was looking for cheaper. I consider that they work plus or minus equally, and I don’t see the point of overpaying for the best quality of materials, because in this case IMHO doesn’t play a special role.
Tester arrived here in this package

Workmanship corresponds to the price, i.e. low When you take in hand, immediately there is a feeling of "cheap." Cheap plastic, rattling design, in general, everything is as expected


Not a fountain, of course, but that surprised me - the performance is different from what I had met before. On my copy even somehow more or less done. Relatively, of course.
This is a multimeter, but its scale is not marked in volts, but “for blondes,” so that it is immediately clear that a good battery is good or not.

There is a sign on the back of the device explaining how the device interprets voltage.

The use of extreme idle time: It is necessary to clamp the battery between the contacts. It is to clamp, otherwise the contact is unsure. On the front side, by the way, are the battery sizes that can be tested.

Well, the arrow will show, a normal battery or not

You can test and batteries, "pills"

And at the end there are contacts for testing batteries "Krona"

I checked the readings with a multimeter, in general, the tester does not lie.
The conclusion is peculiar: tester- frankly cheap, the quality of workmanship is poor. But at the same time it performs its task honestly, and in everyday life this thing is useful. I recommend this “Buy, cool thing!”, Somehow not very considering the quality of their preparation, but for myself I consider this purchase quite successful, despite the drawbacks that I originally expected.