Chinese i7S TWS headphones with docking station. AirPods on the minimum salary.

Finally, these headphones arrived, whichIts appearance is very reminiscent of expensive Apple AirPods. This is where the similarities end, as does the price. The original product from apple costs almost $ 200, and these $ 5-13, depending on the greed of the seller. I ordered more out of curiosity, so to speak, to listen, so to speak)).

The parcel arrived in the “trash” package, even with the same color. The content was not protected by a bump in any way.

Features from the box.
The model is referred to as i7S TWS, it has a 65 mAh battery in each ear and 450 mAh in the docking station. On the Internet, you can find another model i9, I wonder what they have the difference.

The box is a little wrinkled, but the content is almost notsuffered Included is the docking station itself, two headphones, a charging cable and instructions in Chinese. The color I chose was not a classic white, but with a pattern. In this case, with blue patterns both on the charging and on the headphones. You can choose with the flag of Russia, for example, or Germany)).

Everything looks cheap and in Chinese, especially those rustling transparent sachets.

The cover was scratched a bit, probably on the roadfought and rubbed on a plastic tray. But the work does not affect the word at all. On the front side there is a small on / off button, one LED is lit when charging, and it is one when energy is returned. The docking station itself is made entirely of plastic with a combination of blue pattern and white background.

Both headphones are inside the box. They can both be stored there and recharged.

The appearance of the ears is very simple. There are traces of casting and not quite smooth hull sizing. Again the same plastic with a combination of pattern and white background. Below there is a charging port and a microphone outlet, on the side there is a button for controlling a call / music and a compensation hole. The sound systems are covered with a thin white rag mesh. The original ears from apple, as I know they are metallic.

Dimensions can not say that small, body length - 50 mm, width - 20 mm.

They are charged through the docking station, which itself is connected via the microUSB input to any power source. I still have nothing to measure the capacity, but the manufacturer claims 450 mAh.

Headphones charge a little more than an hour (about 1 hour10m). They have 65mAh batteries. A full charge is enough for about 3 hours in talk mode. When listening to music, the time is reduced to 2-2.5 hours. The button can switch tracks, pause. But this is not quite conveniently implemented, you need to get used to it. When talking, i.e. When using as a headset, only one earphone works - the right one. Sensitive microphone on average. In a noisy place, you may not be heard)).
As for the sound. He's here stereo, thanks of course for that. There is practically no bass, medium and high dominate. The sound quality, it seems to me, is more suitable for listening to some kind of speech (telephone conversations, audio books, YouTube). The volume is high, but at the maximum level they start to wheeze a little. Do not withstand such a load.
In big ears they sit well, do not fall out when walking and moving.

Well, and so original Apple AirPods, at the price of $ 200 look.