Chinese Monster-type headphones

The other day I crawled these ears. Ordered out of pure curiosity, and here they are with me. Those who are too lazy to read the details - they are worth their money, but do you need a box, a case and several pairs of nozzles - think for yourself. The rest I ask under the cat for details.
Once at the end of October I wantedstrange, try Chinese headphones- "plugs" from a series of 10-20 USD. Were selected Wallytech Wea-100 and here these headphones. Unfortunately today the Wea-100 came earlier and live at Bati, therefore, the duel will not work. But upon the arrival of the next couple - there will be a brief overview.

Headphones drove for a long time (2 months), but it apparently came out that way, much of the other book arrived much faster. The seller answered questions and extended the time.
But pretty lyric to the point.
What came.
Headphone box

Cover and box with headphones do not match, yes.

In addition to the ears, we have 4 pairs of tips (of which two are “Christmas trees”), a cover made of something velvety and a couple of pieces of advertising.
About sound and other subjectivity.
Headphones sit in my ear well, no inconvenience. Nozzles are also comfortable.
With regards to sound, at leastnot bad, high are good, medium too not bad, small sibilants available. But the bass is ambiguous - for lovers of heavy music, it will probably be too soft and insufficient. But lovers of old rock, jazz and classic quite well.
Loudness and sensitivity worthy - phoneThey will surely swing them. In the process of warming up, the bass has become better and somewhat more confident. Also in the case of the acquisition I advise you to play around with the nozzles, not too little depends on them too. All this can be attributed safely to the Wallytech WEA-100. At a minimum - the character of the sound and warming gives almost identical results.
So, what we have on the basis of:
+ Beautiful packaging
+ Decent equipment nozzles.
-Not too powerful bass
- Not quite an exact copy (for someone it is important)
PS: This is my first review, please do not kick it.