Klemniki Scotchlok. They are skochlok, they are also UY2 K2 connector. And also my story of their use

Today will talk about may be obvious to some people thing. But for me this product turned out to be a useful discovery.
It will be a question of klemmnik which in the people name an adhesive tape. And also I will tell about where they were useful to me.
Immediately talking about the item and purchase. I personally did not buy these terminals. Those terminal blocks that appear in the review were purchased by my friend. He just poured me a handful. Link comrade. But I also ordered one pack for myself. If this moment confuses you, I can even put p18.

Please note that the price for a lot of 100 pcs terminal.
Well, now to the subject of review.
First, information from the Internet:
The use of tape type connectors allowsIt is simple, quick and high-quality to carry out both the connection of two wires, and the branch or sub-parallelization of the wire without stripping the insulation. Wire connectors adhesive tape, in their design, have a U-shaped contact cutting through the insulation, allow the use of a wire with a cross section of 0.4 to 2.5 mm. and the possibility of connecting veins of different sections.
Scotchlocks are widely used in telephony, where very often there is a need to quickly and carefully connect or make a wire branch.
The most common is the tapeSL-01 / UY-2, designed to connect two wires. The connector consists of a body filled with a water-repellent gel and a push button, where a slotted contact is installed, allowing to connect wires with a cross section of 0.4 to 0.9 mm. Characteristics from the store page:
Type: 2 ports dual blade
Applicability: for connecting two telephone wires, signal cables and other conductors.
Suitable wire diameter: 0.4 mm-0.9 mm
Material: plastic case, the gel is filled inside
Yellow color
For cables of 0.4-0.9 mm
Insulation: 2.08 mm
Standard Connector / Crimper
Moisture Protection Gel
Great for connecting telephone / telecommunication wires
Connects 2 wires with these
Very easy to use
Package includes: 100 pcs. Orthography saved
The terminal block is a small plastic sleeve with two holes and a clamp button:


Inside under the orange lid is clearly visible the presence of the gel.
Well, now about the application.
I recently bought a new tape recorder. Need to connect. Native connectors in the car are not suitable. It is necessary to redo it. Native such:

And in the purchased Sony tape recorder such:

Here then come to the rescue terminal blocks.

Without regret, I bite off the old connector. Then I sit down and start looking for where the wire is. Because rationally, it was necessary to first mark each wire, and then bite off. But we are not looking for easy ways.
With grief in half and mats, I find out which wire is responsible for what, shove it into the terminal board, compress it with ordinary pliers and get a reliable connection, additionally insulated with a special gel:

In the photo you can see that the wires are removedinsulation. This is the antics of the previous owner of the car. Instead of a normal connection, he stupidly cut off the insulation on the wire and screwed the wires to them. And on top of the tape wrapped. Black Imagine? Black electrical tape. Not blue. Well, what to do, a lot of things in the car to alter for themselves and have to mind. Cons bu motor.
Okay. As a result, the radio is connected. And instead of a bunch of scary twists, I have this beauty:

Everything works perfectly. Music plays and pleases. The only disadvantage of this type of terminal is that they are disposable. In the case of changing the radio, I have to cut off the terminal block and a piece of wire.
Still note that these terminalsdesigned for low current. They can not connect the power wires or wires in the outlet. But different wires in the car is even possible. Especially in my case, the wires of the radio.
Cool and useful small things. Rescued where there is no way to crawl with a soldering iron, and you need to connect two wires. Not for nothing, judging by the information from the Internet, these different terminal workers use these terminal blocks. Now I appreciated the convenience. Inserted twice, squeezed, done. Minimum action.
How secure is the connection not takenI undertake. But considering that the lid has a latch, which, after compression, is fixed and is no longer released, I think that it should hold well even under the influence of constant vibration in the car.
This is my whole mini-review. I wish you all a good weekend and good shopping.
P.S. In order not to develop holivar, I will add. At the terminal when connecting were connected only those wires through which the audio signal. Three wires along which the ground goes, constant power and power when the ignition is on, when connected, I still soldered and closed it with a heat shrink tube.