Ring: Dragon Inlay Silver Plated Celtic Ring Men Unisex His Ring Wedding Ring STR15 / Size 8-13A

It was evening. Purposelessly wool in the open spaces of Aliexpress, I accidentally ran into the accessories section. I suppose I was guided by pure curiosity, otherwise why would I turn the page after page of the section of goods, never before the village does not cause me true interest? And so - in trying to find at least something that would hurt my wandering eyes, I stumbled upon it - a modest ring of a simple pattern, not containing precious metals, not expensive and in my opinion completely containing a certain aesthetics ...

The payment was made on October 28, the ring came from Singapore to Ufa on November 22, 2012.
I have never worn rings on my fingers! And even though I had to first like this, I said that I smelled it, I don’t take it on. There are no special complaints about the quality, with the exception of small technical costs - such as this one hitting the strip component of the ornament itself, as if the masters who made the ring did not calculate its length and wound it on the outer rim with brute force. However, the whole thing is covered on top with a solid transparent substance and does not affect the outer borders of the ring.
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In general, I think my 14 bucks is worth it, but notMoreover, we are “walking” to China for cheap, aren't we ?? =) You can’t tell a lot about the ring, and therefore you can consider the review complete. Do not judge strictly, because this is my first time: P