Column Tronsmart Element T6 - 25 Watts of sound at 360 degrees

Tronsmart is actively promoting not only itscharging, but also other audio devices, and when launching new models on the market, does not remove the “old” ones from the release and I would say folk. This can be safely said about the T6 - 25 watts of excellent and loud sound.
18. * - Product provided by the store ...

from USB
from battery
Special features
With Hands-free function
With DSP technology
output power
25 W
Frequency range
60 Hz - 20 kHz
Audio coding system
360 ° surround speaker
Maximum output power: 25 W
Bluetooth 4.1
Built-in microphone, supports phone call function
Battery 5200 mAh
Charging time: 3 - 4 hours
Work time: 10 - 15 hours
Compatibility: all Bluetooth enabled devices
Distance: 10 m
Micro USB cable
3.5 mm audio cable (AUX-in)
✔ PACKING AND COMPLETING Package arrived in a pimply bag, and, thanks to the thick cardboard packaging, did not suffer

It is a little unexpected from thrifty Chinese to see different packaging for speakers of different colors.

As an additional protection inside the box there is a foam niche in which our review heroine is located.

In a separate cardboard "envelope" is such components.

Do not stint on the AUX cable 3.5jack -3.5jack.

To recharge the built-in 5200 mA * h LiIon battery, the kit includes a USB-microUSB cable.

The instruction in English is also present.

✔ APPEARANCE Column looks likea thermos flask for water or a beer can 0.5 (although the column is slightly higher than the can). During cycling, you can safely insert it into the bottle holder and enjoy the music on the road.

Black plastic has a soft-touch coating,red mesh - synthetic. Column comes with a black or red grid. On the one hand, the black net will be less marking, but at the same time less noticeable, it is much more difficult to lose or forget the red column during picking from the picnic.

If you do not use a bright flash, then understand how and where the columns are located is not so simple, the line is quite dense.

In the upper part are the controls of the speaker and the "twist" volume.

At the top there are 5 buttons: on / off, rewind tracks, answer the last number / pause and pause.

More details about controls and ports.

At the bottom of the column is a passiveemitter, which I initially took for a mini-sub. He sits deep enough and even with active bass does not reach the surface on which the speaker is mounted.

But if the surface will resonate even a little, the column may “run away” and the anti-slip feet will not help here.

On one of the sides, under the rubber plug, located ports AUX and microUSB.

The rubber of the plug is quite thick, it enters into the body with good effort, it will precisely protect it from splashing.

It lies comfortably in your hand, but you can’t take dirty, greasy, etc., hands, on the “tissue” part you can leave indelible stains.

A plastic transparent bezel near the volume knob in various colors signals the operation of the speaker. Blinking, blue at the time of the Bluetooth search, after connection it is lit in blue.

The ring glows red in color at the moment of charging, but blinks either when the battery in the column sits down, or when the “twist” is turned on the maximum or minimum volume.

When the column is fully charged, and this after 5 hours, the bezel glows green.

For recharging, I recommend to use either the cable from the kit, or another one, but of high quality, since the current can reach 2.1 A.

An additional advantage is the ability of the speaker to play music even while recharging.

Column length 19.3 centimeters, diameter 7.54 centimeters

Weight is 547.4 grams.

Connecting to a smartphone through both AUX andBluetooth - no problem. And almost every column action is voiced in English - conveniently in the dark or in order not to be distracted while riding a bicycle.

✔ ATTEMPT TO DISASSEMBLE We tear off the rubber feet and get to the cogs.

After this, turn down the plastic ring and pull out a metal passive radiator with a rubber edging.

Traces of glue are present, but they are not visible under the plastic.

Further, as I did not try, I could not disassemble the column.

I didn’t understand how to shoot the upper part, maybe it’s also glued there, but I was afraid to tear off the control buttons.

With one eye, take a look at the insides.

✔ SOUND Having turned on the column in the room, I franklyI was surprised at how loud she was, even the soundbar from Xiaomi, it seemed to me, sounds the same, if not quieter. And no unnecessary rattles, squeaks or other sounds, except the music from it was not heard. The sound is pleasantly "juicy", I did not expect super bass from this baby, but surprisingly they are, and quite good.
In nature, the sound is almost unchanged, exceptthat, at a distance, the volume is no longer the same as in a closed room, even if it is large. The manufacturer claims 15 hours of operation, but at maximum volume during a “test” picnic, the column sat down in 4.5 hours. But I also consider this to be a pretty good result, since the volume was still enough so that the speaker had to be carried away so as not to interfere with the conversation, and not yelling at each other’s ear.
In complete silence, if you bring the speaker to your ear and unscrew the volume to a maximum, you can hear the hiss of the built-in amplifier a little, but this is not audible at all when playing audio.

✔ TOTAL At the beginning of summer I had the honor of listening to JBL,the sound of which my comrade is very proud of, but what can I say - this T6 is by no means inferior, neither by loudness, nor by quality, that's just a lower price, perhaps. The column is perfect not only for the house, or rather, for a small room there will even be a lot of it, but more for picnics, or for bicycle walks - a form factor, just as it asks to stick it into the bottle holder. The advantages are not only the volume of the sound, but also its quality and do not forget about the bass, which is present at the proper level in this baby. The duration of work is also a plus, but I would like less time charging, but the ability to play music and become infected, if there is a bank, can extend your party. I'll take the disadvantage of not being able to attach a carabiner for mounting a column on a backpack / tent, etc. Though a bright, but branded surface, after a tasty kebab, you will have to wipe your hands thoroughly, and a slight hiss in the off state.