Mirror controller Side view mirror Folding system

Cool pribluda, which folds the mirror when the car is closed and lays out when opened.
A long time ago when buying a car I was very worried thatI could not buy a European version with electrically folding mirrors. You can buy European mirrors separately, but you still had to buy the driver's door trim, the right-hand drive did not naturally fit, and as a result, it cost the circle like a cast-iron bridge.

And then by chance on Ali stumbled upon this wonderful Pribluda. Pictures will not be. Firstly, everything is fully consistent with the photos on the site, and secondly, it is already inside the door.
The connection is elementary. Plus (constant), mass, two wires to drive the lock and exit to the slider mirrors. Another very important posting - on the included ignition. My doors close on my car at a speed of 10 miles per hour. And this posting does not allow folding the mirrors on a riding car
The main thing I did not write
When applying to the input pulse to close, thisPribluda within 5 seconds gives a mirror on the mirror for closing. Similar to the opening. There is current protection. That is, if the mirror is fully opened / closed earlier, then the sponge stops feeding. Inside, judging by clicks, there is a switch.
Here's what it looks like:

Of the disadvantages:
Disgustingly thin wires. If there are no signal problems, then with power and ground, they had to be attached to thicker ones first, and then