A short wallet with a compartment for coins.

(It falls under the seller's coupon "2 from $ 20")
A model of similar tailoring has already been reviewed here.recently. Slightly more expensive, much more representative. This option is simpler in many ways. Perhaps someone will be interested in such. And instead of a florid intro brief introductory:

Material - leather or leatherette. /// Dimensions 9 x 10 x 2 cm.
Coin bag - 1. /// Banknotes - 2. /// Card slots - 11.
Shipping "AliExpress Standard Shipping". Like last time, a specific track belonging to a certain “Ruston Express” trodden its way through Yekaterinburg. Departure is ascetic as possible. Any box was not attached, only the product itself was wrapped in a canvas bag with ties.

I did not expect that in the hands of the product will seem so small.

Actually, in principle, everything is as promised. The measured difference in plus half a centimeter, I think, can be reduced to the permissible error.

The only signs of any kind of branding are a couple of boxes.

And the wallet itself and the material from which it is stitchedsoft. The surface is tactilely pleasant, dry. The texture and pattern is slightly non-uniform. In bright daylight, any minor defects and scratches are visible, and the general appearance seems to be a little like “experienced.

In a couple of places were found and quite noticeable bald spots.

I did not find where to find fault with the seams during a quick inspection. Sticking threads not found. The line is small and inconspicuous.

The overall plan in turn. As you can see - fixing the main parts on the buttons. Resource - an open question.

Pockets for cards are not sorry.

On the hemmed bag - coin box, except for the actualthe main pocket with a zipper, three more smaller on the walls. On a transparent film covering one of them, one can see traces of heavy being during storage or the result of travel. Or some other cataclysms.

Here is the only reliable place where the skin section is more or less clearly visible.

The strap on the lock is too obvious synthetics to be treated with passion.

Lightning walks easily, without sticking. If you look closely, you can see traces of glue somewhere in the depths.

By volume: inside for example, a small Victorinox Spartan is placed exactly.

Office for paper cash.

Under the Russian money fits perfectly. The height of the stock is, the length is almost back to back.

The secret part of the zipper. For every little thing does not fit completely because of the gaping technological hole.

And the lightning itself eats away part of the precious place, so even small bills inside it are not very convenient to bring inside, not to mention a whole bundle at once.

Speaking of a pack: the purse, as it turned out, does not digest more or less large cash “cutlets”. Already somewhere on the amount of 40 layers, to close had to make some effort.

The total thickness also immediately increased sharply.

Cards. I really didn’t have anything to score absolutely all the departments for them. With difficulty scraped eight pieces. The more in each "heap" of them lies, the naturally tighter each subsequent one enters.

Vertical instantly did not like the fact that they stick out, sticking out in the area of ​​the button. Therefore, in the future, I of them shifted to the remaining horizontal unoccupied.

Check "iron": To the eight already enclosed cards again add a dozen three bills and a handful of little things.

I try to fasten and-and ... It seems this is the limit down to busting.

Finally, a formal test with water. Burn, sorry, sorry. After 15 minutes, a drop of moisture just evaporated without a trace. But the "rastishku", I hunt for water, like and did not promise. So, I will not even try to comment on the result.

As a result: the miracle did not happen. With such dimensions, physical capacity obviously suffers. For a relatively compact length and width instantly swells in thickness. But, probably, he can claim the role of a “cardholder” with the option “a pair of coins for operating expenses”.
Something like that. Thanks for attention.