Short review on the next cheap Bluetooth headphones BT7

Cheap headphones arrived for the "action".
Stars from the sky are not enough, work within their price.
I took for jogging in the morning and connect with laptop through BT.
The main purpose of buying headphones was listening to materials from YouTube, so that you can move away from the sound source and not interfere with others.

With this they cope. I also sometimes run with them in the morning, sit comfortably, do not fall out of my ear.

As usual, they arrived in an envelope with a pimple for a month.

Inside the ears in a plastic tray, charging cable and instructions.

Spare gum in the kit was not, but as it were not promised. Usually I use the smallest, these suited me. Dimensions can be viewed on the photo.

Turned on, connect to the phone - play.
Two devices remember working with a laptop.

Of course they sound worse than my Technics RP-F3501, but they are a bit cheaper.
They work 1.5-2 hours, usually enough to broadcast YouTube.

+ price
+ lungs
- short work time
- average sound quality