Leather shoulder bag with Aliexpress

Brand: Dreamlizer
Item Type: Handbag
Main material: Genuine leather
Gender: Men
Bag Type: Shoulder Bag
Lining Material: Polyester
Size 24x26x8 cm
The store's warehouse is located in Moscow, delivery (free) took 3 days, the courier handed right in your hands.

After opening the packing in the nose has a sharp smelldyed skin, but after a while it fades, not quickly of course. The skin is soft to the touch, and the bag itself is soft, it does not have a clearly defined form, which can be considered a plus for someone, because of this it is easier.

The lining material is tight and durable, I don’t think it will break even if you wear gravel in it.

Adjustable shoulder strap without any inscriptions, for me big +! I do not like when Chinese manufacturers add their own distinctive features.

Also for the convenience of a small pen, just wrapped in leather for a better look.

Locks at the beginning of tight work, now better, the presence of so many pockets plays a role, scattered everything in different ways and now I know where I have what lies, I like it when everything is in its place.
For me, design is too old, but as they say, "the taste and color ..,"
The bag has a 55% discount, 11.11. the discount is even greater, for such money in my city a bag of real leather will be difficult to buy, probably even impossible, so this is a great option.