A triple-fold leather wallet with a coin box after almost two years of operation.

When it came time to change the leather wallet purchased offline, for some reason I wanted to save money and look for a replacement online.
It was a big mistake because it’s easy to understand from the photo what is leather and what is not - no chance, and no reviews and words like genuine leather say anything about it ...

Therefore, the search from the category “I want cheaper” went to “toad! Shut up already! ”
All wallets on Ali in the price range up to 500rafter a couple of weeks they were thrown away - if they looked like leather, then their dimensions always got out of my demands or were just next to the usual jeans pocket. And I sometimes turned the old wallet across the pocket (like defending pickpockets).
There were very few purses with a coin box, and the search mainly led to purses with zippers, etc.
Then one day I came across it - it looked like leather + normal coin box + xs, why do I need the necessary protection of RFID cards?
The price was rather big, but still the toad made some noise and agreed. Again, until you arrive - already Santa Claus will take over some of the expenses.
Order time & date: 01:18 Aug. 26 2016
The parcel was tracked, the wallet was unpacked when unpacked, well, at least in a non-woven case (to protect it from scratches).
But the smell ... Bliiiiiin ... On the one hand, I understood that it probably smells not of artificial leather chemistry, but of some kind of tanning / leather treatment chemical, but ...
At first I aired it and kept it far away from me, hoping that this smell would disappear one day.
I hoped ... I hoped ... Two months, probably ... And then opa - and a fairy tale with a happy ending! The smell almost completely disappeared, and in order to feel it, it was necessary to directly stick into the purse with the nose. Aleluia!
The rest of the wallet pleased - the skin is soft and pleasant to the touch, there are enough compartments, the coin box is quite comfortable.
I even found a way in my backwater without spending (almost) money checking RFID protection - it looks like there is, but not everywhere,
and in the very middle compartment for cards (the one on the second side with a transparent pocket). At 100%, of course, I will not vouch today.
Had to get used to the new size - walletthicker than the former and “high” - horizontally laid rubles in it just sink (apparently it was originally intended for the euro). Therefore, we had to master a new method of storing money - vertically and folded in half
We divide notes on par, received packs(I’m not a millionaire
Well now, meet the handsome

Type test, what is skin

I am satisfied - a beautiful, pleasant to the touch purse and it looks like it is still made of leather.
It can be considered for the downsides that at first there is a strong smell; Well, and how to store bills in it is up to you, I am already used to my method.