Hook for bags in the car. Does he need one?

Sometimes there is a problem in the car where to put the package, for example with a bottle of whiskey, bought in a supermarket).
The problem is that if there is nothing in the package, thenbottle rides freely on the trunk when cornering. If you put it, for example, on the seat, then there is a risk that it will fly off of it during heavy braking, and if, God forbid, an accident also may cause injuries. The only more or less suitable place, in my opinion, is the floor near the front passenger or rear seat. However, the rug is not always clean.

In addition, sometimes you have to transport somethings that are not recommended to turn over. There is also the problem of where to put the umbrella from which water flows. Of course, for this problem there are a number of life hacks, such as this:

But somehow I don’t really want to carry such a device in my cabin.
Not that I specifically dealt with the decision.data problems, just once accidentally saw a hook that is attached to the headrest of the front seat. Cost a hook cheap and I decided to order. In addition, the reviews were quite good: they say it keeps well and, in general, a useful thing.
Made of high quality plastic hook. There are no burrs or gusts. Looks durable.
Length about 130 mm, widest part about 40 mm.

There are two colors: black and beige. Something I braked and ordered beige instead of black.
In the hole there is a silicone insert, which should in theory not allow the hook to slide over the headrest support. The inner diameter of the hole is 11 mm.

The first trouble was that the diameter of the rackthe headrest in my accent’e turned out to be smaller than the hole in the silicone insert. As a result, the hook just hung out. A fairly simple solution was found: a small piece of silicone tube was worn on the rack. The tube was quite tightly mounted on the rack, and its outer diameter turned out to be slightly more than the required 11 mm. As a result, the hook sits tightly on the head restraint stand and is securely fixed in the desired position.

But when a package clings to it even withlight weight (all the same 0.7 whiskey, for example), then the silicone insert starts to climb out of its place slightly. Naturally, a heavier package will even more flex this product.

In general, while the impression of this product is not very. Will the hook continue to live in my cabin, time will tell.