Xenon work light

You would not chase, pop, for cheap!
Sasha Pushkin
For a long time I wanted to change fooling foglights in the chandelier to the headlights of the working light. And if also xenon - so it is generally wonderful.
And then I accidentally found them on Ali. 4 lights cost me 117 tanks with delivery. The seller confused the tracks and sent me the one that goes to eburg. As a result, I used to bricks with bricks for 2 weeks, I called the post office, opened a dispute on Ali and filed a complaint. But suddenly they came.

It would be better not come. On the parcel danced elephants.
Here is what happened from one of the headlights:

Sorry for the quality, this is me just in case fotkal in the dark on the mail phone.
Well, nothing to do, took everything, brought home.
Here's what it looks like:

Photos with sizes

Turn off the 4 screws on the cover and shake out the guts:

Nothing magical, the usual slim unit, the twin brother of those I have already described here and the H3 light bulb.
Mount the light bulb to the reflector - the top of minimalism:

And what is this round little ringlet, you ask:

And nichrome is not a ringlet!

At the touch of this "seal" one in one frozen silicone sealant.
Well, to top it off, it also somehow shines sooo shitty. A bunch is simply no.
Conclusion: it is not worth spending money and time.