Cooler for Intel / AMD Segotep T4 processors

Hello! In my pc was mate. Asus M5A78L LE board with an FX8300 processor and Coolerboss CAH-409-09 cooler. Temperatures were fine, but sometimes in games sometimes there were brakes. It turned out that the power supply circuit on the board overheated (at runoff frequencies!), And it was impossible to install any fan for its cooling due to lack of space. It was decided to change the cooler (which will blow the board), and also planned to stick small radiators on the hot melt glue. But it turned out a little differently ...

... namely, I bought a used Gigabyte boardGA-970A-DS3P, it has a much better cooling system for the power supply of the processor, and even overclocked to 4.2 ghz, the frequency was not reset. And in general, the need to replace the CO no longer exists.
But the cooler arrived and nevertheless decided to replace it; there will not be excess airflow from the radiator of the north bridge and mosfets.
Comes in a box

Speed: 800-1800RPM ± 10%
Airflow: 49.8CFM
Rated Voltage: 12V
Noise: 23dB
Item weight: 452g
Package weight: 681g
Item size: 12 * 12 * 11cm (L * W * H)
Package size: 18 * 16 * 15cm (L * W * H)
In the box: cooler with fan 120 * 120, mounts for Intel / amd, stickers for screws, thermal grease.

Blue light fan

The radiator is quite large, 450 grams of total weight. Should dissipate heat well.

4 heat pipes, flat bottom

Let's start the installation.
That's how my pc looks inside (a bit of a collective farm, not without it))

To replace the cooler, you need to remove the motherboard, because the nuts are screwed on the reverse side. In my case there is a window in the pan for this case, which I forgot)
Remove standard fasteners

Glue plastic washers


Keeps well, did not notice the deflection of the board.
Slots for RAM does not overlap.

It turned out like this

Turn on, shines brightly. Noise no.

Began to test. At a simple temperature of about 35 gr. Loaded aida64. After a few minutes, the percent went into overheating (more than 70 grams), the radiator didn’t heat up much, the fan was turned on full. At first I thought that the thermopaste is complete bad, smeared the tested gd900. Nothing has changed. Strangely, it should have been at least as good as the old cooler (while at overclocking up to 4,2ghz, a maximum of 62 grams allowed the processor to warm up). Is it really a marriage of heat pipes? But no - he heated the sole with a hair dryer - the radiator was starting to heat up, all the tubes were heating up.
I decided to remove the overclocking, and ...

Here I waited for such temperatures! 38 grams at full load (in games 42 grams).
Why is overheating overclocking? There is only one answer - the heat pipes do not have time to transfer a large amount of heat from the processor to the radiator.
What can I say about this cooler? Done well, no noise, with cooling at the drain frequencies copes perfectly. In the dispersal of the same summed up the heat pipes. Sorry, I thought it would be different.
Thank you all for your attention!