easy and inexpensive backpack.

"Luodun Canvas bag women's schoolboy bag Korean-style small fresh college wind backpack men's fashion travel bag." They took for 581r, now 571r (black friday, apparently).
Spouse decided to visit the pool, so it took a small, inexpensive, but a nice backpack. Paid was 30 October - arrived on November 23.

The backpack is tailored well, until the threads stick out. It is immediately evident that you cannot drag bricks (hlipkovat) in it, but it is suitable for swimming pools and for everyday use. the lightning is covered with a canvas "visor".
back pocket - zipper from the back (you can hide documents). straps for me are thin, my wife is satisfied.

5l plastic bottle in height stands up, on the side there is still room for, for example, another 1.5 liters of plastic bottle.

inside there is a small compartment without clasps. Front pocket for small things, keys.

Sold sent me a Chinese penny for the collection))
Total: Brought quickly, is inexpensive, for the pool the most it all fit. Wife happy. It is not planned to drag in it. The seller gave the track to the worker, and I asked him for the coin and promised to roll the review for it))) I will add in 4-6 months if something comes off before I add a review.