Li-ion 6600 mAh Batteries for Matic laptop MiNote 8630 8640 8640D 8640L 8640G 35

It took a new battery for a laptop iRU, instead of failed, for a long time could not be found.
Maybe someone needs this.
- old battery.
- model.
- the insides, it is clear that not all the place is used, instead of the missing batteries, the trimming of a plastic tube is inserted.

- battery model.
- Comparison of new and old battery (new top).
- back side.
I measured the weight of a new and old battery - the old one weighs 0.48 kg.
- New 0.61 kg. - based on the weight and nominal capacity, it turns out that the new battery uses 4 to 3 elements in a parallel (12 elements) (4 * 3.7V = 14.8V) and (2.2A * 3 = 6.6A), instead of 4 to 2 in a parallel (8 elements) (4 * 3.7В = 14.8В) and (2А * 2 = 4.0А)
True, the model is already old, but it may be suitable in new - similar laptops.