Blades (mount) for the removal of salon plastic cars and my collective farm in obesshumke cars

Maybe I will not tell anything new, but forsomeone this tool will be quite useful. Today I will tell you about a set of 4 plastic mounts, which facilitate the removal of any element in the cabin of your car. And also I will tell about my vision of the obesshumki of elements in a collective-farm and cheaply.

This lot was ordered by me back in March and for the whole time it has established itself only from the best side. Now the cost of the lot has increased, but paid delivery has disappeared.

Ever since the possession of AvtoVAZ, I preferto carry a suitcase of tools with which I can sort out almost any car. But mounts compact and easily fit in the underground in the trunk. There is also a lighter, a hatchet and gloves. Left hand, by the way, a box with a booster.

In total in a set 4 shovels, the longest is 20.5 cm in length and the shortest is 12.5 cm. The form of each is designed for certain types of work, but no one excludes ingenuity.

The first mount fully justifies itsname and allows you to mess around with clips. The second is similar to the first, but does not have a forked “spout” at the end at one of the ends. The third allows you to wade into the small openings between the elements, while the fourth - the usual flat blade.

If we talk about workmanship and generalwear resistance of plastic, then it is all at a fairly high level. I used them without knowing how one or another element understands my car, which means I thrust them where I shouldn't go. As a result, the original form is preserved completely.

If you like to pick your car, just as I like to do it, then I definitely recommend to purchase this kit of mounts.
And now for the intended use andWe will bring a pinch of collective farm into the soundproofing of the car. The main problem is the creak of the armrest when the hands are on it and the creak when compressing the door handles when we pull them away from or on ourselves.
As a sealing material, I decided to try using the foam pad that comes with the mixers. In large boxes, he goes in layers.

Now we assort the door handle.

To do this, from the bottom we find the necessary groove and inserts tool number 3 there. Of course, you can do with a flat screwdriver, but then there is a chance to deform the plastic. And I can not stand it.

After removing this element, cut the foam rubber strips and put it inside. If desired, you can glue on double-sided tape. But I keep everything without him.

After we collect the handle back, we understand thatno squeak and go to the opposite door. There are only one remarks to this procedure; a test fitting with the thickness of a foam insert is necessary. For it may be little and creak will remain.
The second and final place of the squeak is the armrest. As soon as you put your hand on it and press it down a bit, a nasty creak appears. We disassemble the armrest using the tool number 4.

To do this, we find a gap in the upper part and we hook it with a spatula. Further, to her, snap off all the latches on the perimeter. Now the lower part of the armrest is removed and you can continue to engage in the collective farm.

The same mode strips of foam rubber and laidvery tight, periodically collecting the entire armrest back to identify squeaks. After the second analysis and collection, this procedure is not required. Now, no matter how hard I press, there is no sound.

So here with the help of the Chinese tool and garbage, nasty squeaks were eliminated. And it was also found that foam rubber from the boxes with a mixer is suitable for easy sound insulation.
With you were crazy Jewish hands and a small overview of a useful tool for any motorist. Thank you for watching.