Best magnetic cable - adapter (for now)

This review has no ads. Only personal observations and tests.
I have been looking for a good cable for a long time. Five years ago, I chose Ugreen cables. However, as soon as I saw magnetic on sale, I realized that he was the ultimate dream)
My main criteria in a magnetic cable:

- convenience. Magnetic chip should not protrude beyond the phone. And there must be a data transfer function.
- low voltage drop on the cable itself. Yes, some kind of tension is spent in the very place of contact. But this is a necessary sacrifice.
- well, I didn’t want to change a dozen Ugreen cables.
Therefore, the choice fell on adapters.
Garas adapters have been selected. For two reasons:
- there are adapters for all types of cables and for all connectors
- Spring-loaded contacts more than thatcompetitors. Yes, because of the size of the contacts there is no possibility to put 2 dies, and the data transfer works in one position. But, as already mentioned, these are necessary sacrifices. But on the adapter itself sits very little voltage.
With the introduction of all. Let's go to practice.
All cables are 1 meter. Charging raises the voltage with increasing current. All contacts before the test were wiped with a solvent. All measurements were carried out using verified multimeters at 17 degrees in the room.
Uhh - voltage on the charging contacts. Uвых. - voltage on the contacts of the adapter, which is inserted into the phone.
Available 3 configurations:
1. Ugreen cable with micro USB + Garas adapter
2. Ugreen 5A cable with USB C + Garas adapter
3. Garas cable (taken as an example of a magnetic cable)
Photos of all ugliness and links to them

Table with tests:

All configurations support fast charging (9v 2A). It was checked on Honor 9. But only in one position. Turning the adapter over the other side we get 5v.
Your thoughts

Nuances when using magnetic cables

Charger used in testing - Floveme / Usams 3 USB with display. But redone on 5.5v. I will release a review later on how to do this.