Mach3 Gillette - no better on Express! (AliExpress blades versus competitors)

Anyone who knows firsthand what isthe fast-growing stubble on the already not youthful chin, the one who has long been out of the window to blow the teenage fluff on his cheeks, the one who uses a wet towel for shaving, the one who prefers non-smelly depilatory cream for shaving one who is periodically (CENSORED) - they all once think about blades for the so-called "razor".

I thought about it once and I. It happened a long time ago just when the blades ended in the gift given to me by the son of Gillette Mach3.
Nothing, I thought, I'll go to the nearest hypermarketYes, and buy them there. Gone. Had seen. He grunted in dismay when he saw the price tag. Bought. Yes, of course, I bought it, but with such a tooth gnash, with such a battle with my amphibian, that I decided to look for alternative merchant sites for the future.
First, when the time came, I feltshops in the border town of Manzhouli. Regarding prices in Russia, there they offered me blades (a set of 4 pieces), 30% cheaper than in their own country. It seemed to me expensive. “No!” I said. “But we have a long Valiant!” The seller cried immediately. - “But without celtificat!”. These were exactly the 50% that I originally counted on. I spat on the lack of a certificate and bought it. So for the first time I ran into real Chinese shaving fakes. But I did not know it yet. For me, everything was ahead. At that moment I was pleased with a successful and bargain.
In fact, my first shave, when I, already in Russia,he stood in front of the mirror with his cheeks smeared with foam, the blade cartridge in the very first few seconds popped out of the razor's leg. Alas, the dimensions for the latch turned out to be bad. Then the metal bezels on the cassette were bent back and in my case everything actually fell apart right in my hands. I tried the second blade, reeling the mount with the black tape, everything held together somehow, I was delighted, but then I noticed that something was wrong in this sublunar world ... The blade didn’t shave off anything! As the stubble on the cheeks was, so it remained. In addition, because of the cruel process, when the hairs twitch, but do not cut, the cheek began to burn and fill with an unhealthy blush. I tried the third tape. The same effect. And it did not come to the fourth — she immediately went with her fellow men to a meeting with household waste in the bin. Thus, it was for me the first inoculation against Viletto products made in China.
- Months passed. The time that heals everything cured me too. At that moment I just swept over what Chinese online stores are. And somehow, having come across good reviews on DX about cassettes for GillettMach3, I decided to try again. These were the same 50% of the price in Russia. Those. 8.80 USD
And you know, was very pleased! The quality of shaving, packaging - everything was at the highest level. Here is the link". I decided for myself then that I would definitely write out a couple of packages there, and I would recommend it to everyone I know. Shaving products of China in my eyes rehabilitated. But the toad whispered to me: “Yes, there are even cheaper options! „
And here I hit again. Having persuaded myself that in Manjurka I just accidentally got into a mess, but the goods on the DX are still a little expensive, as there are blades on the BiKe, even cheaper by 3.99 USD, and the pictures are as beautiful as in the DX, I once ordered such a product.
“And it all happened again as of old .."- mail-machine-mirror-foam for shaving - and my dissatisfied physiognomy. The quality of the Bikov blades that came in the OEM version, without any boxes, turned out to be worse than ever. Nothing was shaved, only twitched. In the end - you came across the board - and the tapes went into the link in a box with plumbing and power tools.
- The time has passed. And once again I was puzzled by the purchase of blades. It seems there was no alternative - only DX or offline stores. But then he appeared - the hero of this review. Moreover, the seller sent not the OEM version, but in a package with the languages ​​of the respective countries. For the price of a BiKovsky trash miscarriage, everyone was offered, as it were, a good quality. And it seemed to be confirmed by a mass of positive reviews. Nonsense, a trifle, almost a penny, but I wanted a miracle!
In the end, spending a few days repeatingMantras - This is what this is! - I pressed the "pay" button. Moreover, the decisive comment for me was, not found later, as I was not looking for, the statement of the buyer on the transliteration - “Berite! Ne bojtes, muziki ". Subsequently, I decided that perhaps this inscription I saw in a dream
The process has begun. The product was in the mail.
And here I was surprised for the first time. A parcel with an additionally paid track for 6 rubles, came very quickly. For 15 days. For Transbaikalia is a rarity.

The second and third plus seller I set forneatly packaged box and unwashed packaging with blades. As promised, all the inscriptions were for a Russian-speaking person. Even the Rosstandard label was present.))

Carefully looking at the Bikovsky option and the one that was sent, outwardly I could find only such differences:
- differences in plastic parts (1), bends are more clearly pronounced (point 2 in the photo), slightly wider are the cuts in the metal holders (3), the white-blue sliding bar is brighter.

But what will the main test give? - on shaving?
Impatiently waiting for the stubble of the desired length, I performed the necessary daily men's ritual, and in fact a general sex act.
I only had 3 cassettes from differentsellers, inserted into three handles, to minimize the time spent under the foam between the reciprocating movements of razors over the skin area of ​​his face. On steadily decreasing cheek temperature after steaming, I decided not to pay attention, having decided that everything was leveled by the softening effect of the foam.
Initially, he conducted the machine with the 1st blade, then next to this area already the second blade, and then the 3rd one.
Then again balon with foam, and already shaving "against wool".
As a result, in a dispute between the podslanny DealExtreme,zero BuyInCoins, and the new AliExpress in the aggregate was defeated by my today's hero. In terms of quality (comparable to the skin of a baby) \ price for one piece, he became the favorite of the battle. Perhaps I did not get a miracle, but something similar to a miracle - Yes.
The seller in this category still has other lots with blades. I hope they are of good quality.
Verdict: I advise.