Magnetic RAXFLY cable with 2 magnetic connectors to choose from.

Hello! Today I will talk about convenient cables with magnetic connectors from the company Raxfly. The cable is not bad in quality, with excellent strong magnets, complete with 2 connectors. You can choose to fit your needs, I chose 2x typeС. The cable has a backlight, but what it shows under load, you will find out under the cut.

The cable comes in a postal bag, not tracked, just thrown into the mailbox.
Inside the mail is already an original cable bag

Behind the painted product information

There are also 2 QR codes for visiting websites and support service.

The cable is braided, exactly 1m long (plus a little bit on the connectors). There are no complaints about the quality of the sheath.

At one end is a standard USB labeled brand name.

With a different magnetic connector with an installed connector

Here you can see that a blue LED is built in, and the insertion of a plastic diffuser is visible from the inside of the connector.

One connector just lay in the package.

The connector goes into the socket charging the smartphone tightly and does not crawl out by itself. Moreover, there are enough magnets to hang a not heavy Sharp Aquos smartphone by cable.

This is what this “plug” looks like, I’ll say right away on a thin smartphone, it interferes

It became check on the load.
I will load at a voltage of 5V from 0 to 3A and also add measurements at 9V 1A and 2A and 12V 2A
For your convenience, all data is entered in the table, and I’ll insert measurement photos below under the spoiler.

Additional Information

In general, we have a cool in quality and strengthmagnets cable with light and universal connectors, but which has far from the best characteristics for charging. Connectors, by the way, can be purchased separately.
In order to understand how the cable behaves in operation, see my short video review, where I will hang up the smartphone for this cable.