Receiver NUEVO - Universal Model: 7 ″ 2 Din Car DVD Player wtih GPS / Analog TV / iPod / Bluetooth

I decided to write a review of this radio.
Here are the previous reviews: - a “two words” review - a qualitative review with a description of the configuration and functionality.
Once again describe the packaging and compositioncomponents, in which the radio tape recorder goes, I no longer consider it necessary. Therefore, I limit myself to the purely practical side of using this miracle of technology, which has been thoroughly studied over the year.

Who cares go under the cat…
Puzzled by the search for a combine-radio, I set a number of tasks that the device had to perform for "complete happiness."
These tasks were defined as follows:
1. The sound should not be worse than that of a regular head;
2. The functional should be exhaustive;
3. The buttons on the steering wheel should not become a decorative element of the cabin.
Given the lack of information about the Chinese tape recorder, it turned out blindly buying.
When the radio tape recorder arrived, the main task wasto integrate it correctly, without spoiling the precious car in electronics. Therefore, I began to deal with pinout connectors, radio and cars. I must say that the audio part of the Chinese did everything according to the Euro-standard. Yes, and both connectors radio - Euro. No additional adapters are needed. But with power there was a cant. Power to the memory and power circuit (yellow and red wires) were confused. I can not say exactly where exactly ... on the car or at the radio (I still tend to the second option), but it is worth considering. It was not necessary to re-solder and cut the wires, just in the connector of the radio tape recorder, these two wires were carefully pulled out and swapped.
The rest of the installation of this radio does not differ from the installation of any other.
It is necessary to take into account that this radio hassupport for playing video files, control buttons on the steering wheel and display the image from the parking camera. And these moments impose certain conditions, the obligatory observance of which will ensure the correct and proper operation of this balalaika.
Consider these details in detail.
Wire Parking must be connected to the trailerhandbrake (according to the rule) then the movie will show the mafon only when the handbrake is raised ... So we hang it on the body of the radio and watch the movie whenever we like. If you omit this procedure and do nothing with the Parking wire, the radio will not play the video.
Control buttons on the steering wheel
This radio function was one of the most importantfor me. On regular radio tape recorders, there is a SWC contact in the connector (for different car manufacturers it may be called differently), which is nothing but “Steering Wheel Control”. On the radio, there are also contacts "wheel 1" and "wheel 2", they are designed to connect resistive buttons, i.e. buttons that give different levels of electrical signals through a single wire. If the buttons communicate with the head through the controller, the buttons connect to the radio will not work. I connected to the SWC - wheel 1, went to the radio menu with the steering wheel and alternately pressing the buttons on the steering wheel assigned them their proper functions. And that's it!
Radio menu with steering settings

The image from the parking camera
Reverse wire is needed for correct operation withrear view camera, it is easier to hang on the "+" reverse. Those. in the presence of a rear-view camera, the device will automatically switch to the camera when reverse gear is engaged. I threw it under the glove compartment, so as not to remove the head if I fasten the camera. The camera is already in winter, I can’t put it ...
So with the subtleties of the connection seemingly figured out. We turn to the consumer qualities of the radio.
What can and has a radio tape recorder (shortly):
- Screen 800x480 resistive. Responsiveness to touch without complaints. Viewing angles are encouraging. The panel with the screen tilts horizontally down to a horizontal position. The panel is not removable. At hit on the screen of a bright sunlight - becomes blind.
- Has two slots for SD-cards: one for the GPS-program, the other - for the player. Both slots are located under the front panel. There is also a receiving slot DVD-drive.
- Mini-USB connector and mini-USB to USB adapter cable A. That allows you to connect a USB-drive. I did not try external drives, but the 16GB flash drive pulls without problems.
- GPS-module is running WinCE 6.0 and has 128MB of RAM on board. GPS is enabled by default (you can put a forced launch) and works in the background. When switching from player to navigation, playback does not stop and navigation through tracks from the steering wheel buttons remains. When pronouncing the prompts, the radio tape recorder turns off the music on the front speakers, so the navigator's prompt cannot be missed. Included was a 2GB SD card with iGO 8.3 preinstalled in Russian and with current maps of Russia. Well done the Chinese! The navigator works without brakes, the signal is very stable, the level is high. Very comfortable.
- Built-in DVB-T tuner. We do not have digital broadcasting, so there’s nothing to say about the efficiency of this module.
- Radio tuner works exclusively! Native head in comparison with him is simply "deaf". The number of radio stations has increased greatly. The quality of reception also makes you happy.
- CD-DVD drive ... well, drive it and drive ... It works, loses, shows movies.
- Bluetooth. Works well, connects without problems. But I did not like how this function is implemented here. Access to the notebook does not have. So it’s all the same to start a set from the phone, or just repeat the last number from the radio. Weak microphone - at the other end of the "wire" to hear me mediocre.
- Radio has the ability to play video files. So far I have tried only movies in avi. Files 2GB pulls without problems.
- Sound settings are poor. Equalizer only on 2 bands - low and high. But I managed to adjust the sound with such an arsenal. The loud function is present.
- There is comprehensive iPod support - I didn’t check, there are no apples, and I don’t like them.
- The radio has a large set of additional connectors. A lot of I / O for audio and video signals.
- Also included is a remote control that I did not even unpack.
Go through the menus ...
Menu system
Main menu:

Here you can choose any mode of operation of the radio,which she has in the arsenal. Clicking on the upper right character, whatever it is, always displays the main menu. An icon with a crossed-out monitor suppresses the screen before the first action or before touching the screen. Very useful, especially given the lack of automatic display off. At night, the working screen is very distracting.
Gears from the top left are thrown into the settings menu.
Settings menu. Section "ASP".

This is the sound level settings after the next turn on the radio. You can put a fixed level or a level that was before shutdown.
Section "Video".

Allows you to manually display the signal from the cameras, as well as select the logo that will be displayed when loading.

"General" section

There are settings for date, time, language settings, screensaver, screen calibration, steering settings and reset to factory settings. Everything is very simple.
USB partition.

In essence, these are regional settings for playing files.
Play files
Player screen:

The most primitive player that you can think of. No track scroll bars, no tag support ... NOTHING!
Clicking on the icon "EQ", we get into the equalizer window, the same primitive as the player.

Equalizer, by the way, is one for all modes. Adjust the equalizer, for example, for the radio and USB in different ways will not work. Only the first 11 characters of the file name and its extension are displayed in the playlist.
The radio play window is the samemedia player. The only difference is that the available radio stations are shown in the list instead of the files. There are buttons for tuning the tuner. In general, the radio module is not as bad as the player. Well and impressive reception quality.

Everything is also simple and primitive ...
If the navigation program is not running, then when we switch to the “Navi” mode, we will see a window:

In which we can run the navigation program,go to the navigator settings menu or the entertainment menu. Given the functionality of the radio, here the "Entertainment" section is superfluous (just moved from navigators without alterations).

In this menu, you can fully customize the navigator and view information about the system.

Well, that seems to be all. It remains to dot all the "I".
+ Price!
+ Good functionality, and everything works and there are no functions "for show"
+ Parallel operation of the navigator and player
- Failure of some modes of operation
- Lack of cooling fan. And on the back there is a place for him. Without it, in summer, the head becomes overheated and starts every 5 minutes to go into a reboot - which is very annoying.
In general, the tape recorder leaves a mixed impression. On the one hand, this device has all the necessary functions in modern cars, and on the other ... almost all of them are not finalized. It turns out that this is a raw product that no one seems to be going to bring to mind.
But she is completely satisfied with me in this form and, it seems to me, justifies its value.
If there are questions or inaccuracies, write - I will answer, I will correct.